Philadelphia Eagles: You can’t lose on Sunday if you don’t play until Monday

For the first time in what feels like forever, the Philadelphia Eagles are guaranteed to not lose this Sunday – because they don’t play until Monday.

It’s a Sunday in December, which means fans of the Philadelphia Eagles will be filled with a prevailing emotion: Stress.

Sure, there’s also excitement, anticipation, and maybe, just maybe hope, but over the last month, nothing has brought more dread to fans, casual and hardcore alike than the thought of watching the Eagles stink it up for three hours.

But fortunately for fans in the 215, this week is different.

That’s right, for the first time since early November the Eagles are off on Sunday: Which means they can’t lose.

Granted, they also can’t win, but that’s after dropping an egg against the Miami Freakin’ Dolphins – a team that now employs Mack Hollins – is it apt to even think about such a thing in the City of Brotherly Love?

I mean seriously, with the Eagles’ next contest scheduled for Monday Night Football – against the similarly bad New York Giants no less – fans have one more afternoon to hope. The Eagles are still half a game within first place in the horrendous NFC East. We also have one more day to dream of an Eagles offense that isn’t as bland as a rubberband flavored water ice.

A Week 16 faceoff against the 8-7 Dallas for the soul of the NFC East, boy, what a strange, strange world we live in.

Now sure, there is still technically football still to be played this Sunday, as the majority of the NFL’s teams will see the field in one way or another, but unless you’re super hardcore, why waste energy watching a bunch of games that don’t feature Carson Wentz, Fletcher Cox, the New York Giants, or the Dallas Cowboys?

I guess you could watch the Washington Redskins if you have league pass, but why on earth would you want to subject yourself to that? Outside of scouting the Eagles’ Week 15 game, I can’t imagine any reason to tune in to Dwayne Haskins and company as they que up an easy win for the Green Bay Packers.

Fantasy football maybe?

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No, this little one day reprieve from the ugly brand of football Philly has been rolling onto the field this season is a wonderful chance for Philadelphia Eagles fans the world over to take a step away from football and enjoy a beautiful December Sunday. Maybe go to the mall, catch up on some holiday shopping, or even catch a movie. But regardless of what you do, do it with the knowledge that you won’t have to sit around for three hours and slowly have your heart broken for a fourth straight week – that comes tomorrow.

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