Would the Philadelphia Eagles let Tua Tagovailoa slip to Day 2?

Regardless of how far he drops, there’s no way the Philadelphia Eagles would spend a first-round pick on Alabama signal-caller Tua Tagovailoa, right?

For better or worse, the Philadelphia Eagles have committed to Carson Wentz as their franchise quarterback through 2022.

Sure, the team could trade him in theory, but such an endeavor would be incredibly costly, and even harder to pull off regardless of any potential external interest.

So the idea of Tua Tagovailoa being on the board when the Eagles pick in the 2020 draft – be that at 15, 25, or 32 – is really a non-issue, right?

I mean the Birds would obviously pass on a quarterback Trent Dilfer once called ‘The best I’ve ever seen’, right, even if it let him slip down to the likes of the Dallas Cowboys, the Los Angeles Rams, or *gasp* the New England Patriots?

We may actually find out.

Once considered a lights out top-2 draft pick, Tua admitted to Kirk Herbstreit in a recent sit down interview with ESPN that he’s heavily weighing his options in regards to declaring for the 2020 Draft. With his hip still on the mend and his 2020 prospects up in the air, Tagovailoa believes his chances of falling out of the first round – a once unimaginable outcome – are very, very real.

But, hear me out for a second, if Tagovailoa were to declare for the draft, and were to take an Aaron Rodgers-esque tumble-down the board, would the Eagles really pass on the Alabama signal-caller?

Mind you, this isn’t a pint-sized, one-year wonder like Kyler Murray, or a physically tantalizing ‘project’ like Paxton Lynch, but quite possibly the most talented quarterback to ever play for Nick Saban.

With Tagovailoa at the helm, the Tide’s offense soared to once unimaginable heights – and he did it all as anything but a game manager. Over the better part of three seasons in Tuscaloosa, Tua completed 474-684 of his passes for 7442 yards with 87 passing touchdowns versus only 11 interceptions.

And according to the general consensus, Tagovailoa is a decisive signal caller and a fantastic leader of men.

With Lamar Jackson‘s electricity, Baker Mayfield‘s on-field swagger, and Michael Vick‘s left-handed howitzer, Tua has a tantalizing skill set that clearly outshines that of Justin Herbert.

Could his hip issues become a lingering problem and prematurely derail his career before it starts? Totally, but there isn’t another player available, not even his college deep threat Jerry Jeudy, who could have a greater impact on a franchise for the next five, 10, 20 years.

Furthermore, it’s not like the Eagles have been particularly good at drafting players over the Howie Roseman-era, especially in the first round. Of the seven players who still call South Philly home – a bad sign if there ever was one – only three, Wentz, Fletcher Cox, and Lane Johnson, have made a Pro Bowl appearance.

But why does any of this matter? We already have Wentz, why waste a first-round pick on another quarterback, especially one whose freakin’ left handed.

They won’t.

It’s not going to happen. No. No. No.

But maybe it should.

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Maybe after watching Carson Wentz regress as a player and fail to shake the pesky distinction of being a bad leader, the Philadelphia Eagles have been given a second bite at the franchise quarterback apple by some merciful football god? They still won’t do it, but my goodness could you even imagine how exciting it would be if they did?

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