Philadelphia Eagles: A Cowboys loss would make Thanksgiving complete

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Outside of a blowout win, virtually every Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving scenario, win, lose, or draw, can be incredibly beneficial to the Philadelphia Eagles.

For most, Thanksgiving is a day to relax, enjoy those you hold close, and maybe, just maybe watch some football.

Every year, two of the three games are locked in as homers for the Detroit Lions (for… reasons?) and the Dallas Cowboys (ew), with a third that’s arbitrary.

That means barring a surprise Holiday booking like in 2014, Thanksgiving also presents Philadelphia Eagles fans an excuse to watch those #mosthated Cowboys and revel in what has been the NFL’s most mediocre team for the last 30+ years.

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And this year, Jerry Jones couldn’t have platted up a juicer game if he tried.

After being utterly trounced by the New England Patriots – an outcome that should be far from surprising – reports began to trickle out that the Cowboys brass could potentially part ways with head coach and franchise life Jason Garrett if the team gets embarrassed on national television by the 8-3 Buffalo Bills.

Mind you, the Cowboys are a game up on the Eagles in their division at 6-5 and have a better than not chance to make the playoffs barring a total collapse – I don’t know, like the kind that happens when you fire a head coach midseason.

The Cowboys also have the very real decision of whether or not to extend Dak Prescott weighing heavy on their shoulders – a decision that could also be impacted either way by the Bills.

In a lot of ways, 2019 has been the year of two Daks. When he’s on, the Cowboys are really good, like best offense in the NFL good, but when he lays an egg, like he did against the Packers and Patriots, the team all but hopeless. As fans have eagerly pointed out with Jared Goff, and to a lesser extent Carson Wentz, signing a marginal quarterback to a $130+ million extension can all but sink a team’s contending window for good, so would Jones even consider offering Prescott more than a franchise tag if he again falters in such a pivotal game?

Simply put, this game could have a far more significant impact on the NFC East than a one-win swing: it could impact the division for the next decade.

And hey, if them Boys somehow find a way to thwart the Bills’ impressive defense, it’s not all that bad for fans in Philly either as it virtually guarantees more of the same.

What I’d really be afraid of is Jones saying enough is enough and making a legitimate generational coaching candidate like Lincoln Riley an offer he can’t refuse. That only happens if the Cowboys implode spectacularly. If Garrett, or Wade Phillips, or even homegrown wunderkind Kellen Moore is the one calling the shots for the Cowboys in 2020, well consider that gravy for the Birds.

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So as you sit back, either before or after eating some turkey, I don’t judge, just know what win, lose, or draw there’s a whole lot to like about the Dallas Cowboys but against Sean McDermott and the Buffalo Bills if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan. What better way to kick off the Christmas season than an early present?