Philadelphia Eagles: Nelson Agholor has cost himself millions

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After souring any goodwill he’s amassed over the last two seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, it’s clear Nelson Agholor has cost himself millions in the lead up to free agency.

Over the last five years, Nelson Agholor has squeaked out a pretty nice living as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The 20th overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, Agholor initially signed a four-year, $9.37 million deal with a little over $5 million of that guaranteed. From there, the 26-year-old USC product’s fifth-year option of $9.38 million was picked up before the 2019 season, and just like that Agholor’s career-earnings effectively doubled to almost $19 million.

Not bad for 69 games of action and counting.

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However, if Agholor’s recent performances are of any indication, the Brinks truck isn’t backing into his driveway anytime soon.

While the Eagles and Agholor’s camp couldn’t reach an agreement on an extension before the start of the season – a move that now looks genius – many assumed that the fifth-year receiver could be in line for a big payday if he were to be allowed to hit the open market – big emphasis on the word if.

And after three solid showings to start off the regular season, that speculation felt justified.

On the surface, the blueprint for an Agholor extension appeared to line up perfectly with that of his former college teammate, and fellow NFL late bloomer Robert Woods. After a good, not great four-year tenure with the Buffalo Bills, Woods signed a five-year, $34 million deal to return to Southern California as a member of the not-yet-great Los Angeles Rams.

Now in hindsight, that deal turned out great for the Rams, as Woods finished out the season with the 13th most receiving yards in the league and played a huge role in LA’s Super Bowl bid last season, but through four years, Agholor actually had the better numbers.

Sure, they weren’t as consistent, as Woods amassed 600 yards plus or minus 99 in each of his first four seasons, but Agholor finished out his rookie contract with two-straight 700-plus yard seasons and looked like a serious weapon deployed out of the slot.

And now? Agholor may not even earn a second contract.

Ok, that’s not true. Baring something truly unforeseen down the stretch, Agholor will in all likelihood be on some NFL roster next season, but after looking like a prime candidate to earn a multi-year deal worth north of $40 million, it’s just illogical to imagine any team in the NFL offering the troubled receiver more than a one-year deal – with any real guarantees far from guaranteed.

But hey, if the Eagles’ recent track record is of any indication, Howie Roseman could always bring Agholor back a la Jordan Matthews and Jay Ajayi – that’s been really effective so far this season.

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While it feels a bit exploitative to take cheap shots at Nelson Agholor after his awful showing against the New England Patriots – lowlighted by the worst touchdown catch attempt I’ve personally seen in years – it’s really something to watch just how fast seeming the entirety of the football world has soured on the still-26-year-old wide receiver. Once considered a potential long-term piece either with the Philadelphia Eagles or elsewhere, it now seems more likely that the former first-rounder will be out of the league entirely before he’s 30 – an idea that would have seemed impossible this time last year. Boy, things change awful fast in the NFL.