Philadelphia Eagles: A requiem for Jalen Ramsey

(Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
(Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /

With Jalen Ramsey no longer in the Philadelphia Eagles future, let’s take one last, rambling look at the trade that never was – but should have been.

Jalen Ramsey was never a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.

If recent rumors are to be believed, Jalen Ramsey was never going to be a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, as Howie Roseman reportedly only valued the All-World cornerback to the tune of a first and second-round pick – and even turned down the same package the Los Angeles Rams offered in a showing of good faith from the Jacksonville Jaguars.

No, despite being the apple of the Delaware Valley’s collective eye, more so than even real apples, Los Angeles was always going to get their man – his name is RAMsey after all – based on a fiscal desire to sell tickets alone.

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But wouldn’t it have been cool if the Eagles did?

Wouldn’t it be have cool if after years of pining after superstar talent, from Mike Trout to LeBron James, one of the better players at their given position actually landed in Philadelphia and embraced everything the City of Brotherly Love had to offer?

I mean, not since Terrell Owens have fans been greeted with such a warming pleasure, but as these things so often go, that ended in a ravenous burnout, as opposed to a gentle glow.

Is it the food? The traffic? The lack of multiple Dave and Busters franchise locations, or the abundance of winter?

Could our city be… cursed?

No, never. We did win a Super Bowl this century after all with a backup quarterback under center no less – a fact that will haunt Dallas Cowboys fans regardless of how many points they won Week 7 by. Was that really all of the mojo accumulated over 50-odd years of false starts and missteps?

Are we once again headed for another Philly sports dark ages?

We can’t be. The Philadelphia 76ers look legit, and should walk into the NBA Finals based on the sheer size of their starting five alone, who needs football when we have NBA champions – LA didn’t have a football team for decades, and they sure didn’t miss it when
Lower Merion alum Kobe Bryant was hoisting championships at a fiendish clip.

But then again, Ramsey would have looked pretty sweet in midnight green.

Sure, he would have had to pick a new numbers since his signature 20 is retired, but I’m sure he could have made something work, heck, I bet Brian Dawkins would have flown to Philly to help him pick out a new one personally: Anything for the best cornerback to wear an Eagles jersey since… ever?

Alas, it just wasn’t meant to be. No, instead, the Eagles took the field with another Jalen making his 2019 debut, Jalen Mills, and while he was easily the team’s best cornerback on the field after almost a year away from the game, he alone couldn’t stop the flood gates from opening.

Mills and Ramsey, the two Jalens, now that would have been fun… sigh, but I digress.

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No, despite the collective hopes and dreams of fans in the 215, Jalen Ramsey was never going to be a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, and that’s ok. With a few more talented cornerbacks like William Jackson III still on the market and a few more days to work things out before the trade deadline, the front office will surely come through with a few new toys to save the season once and for all. I mean, when have they ever let us down?