Should the Philadelphia Eagles be worried about Daniel Jones?

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After shocking the world with a comeback win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, should the Philadelphia Eagles be worried about the development of Daniel Jones?

It’s the last Sunday in September, and there is no Philadelphia Eagles game to look forward to.

While this could be the rare opportunity for sports fans to maybe go for a jog, catch a movie, or swing over to the Jersey Shore for one last trip to the beach as this unseasonable weather continues to cook the East Coast, that may not be enough to satisfy the most fervent of Philly fans.

But outside of rewatching the Birds give it to the Green Bay Packers on their home turf, what’s a fan supposed to do? Easy, watch the remaining teams in the NFC East duke it out and take notes in an at-home scouting report.

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Fortunately, that becomes a bit easier this week, as two of the other three NFC East teams – the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants are actually playing each other at 1 PM on Fox – who knows, maybe you can catch a flick after all.

I mean seriously this game could have legit draft implications moving forward – in that both of these teams are really, really bad.

But besides humor, there’s another reason for Philly fans to tune in to see the Giants presumably hand Washington their fourth straight loss of the season: The sudden emergence of Daniel Jones.

Yes Daniel Jones, the player universally reviled for having the nerve to be ‘overdrafted’ sixth overall by the Giants when ‘better’ players like Josh Allen (not the QB) and Ed Oliver were still on the board, has officially overtaken Eli Manning as New York’s ‘newest’ franchise quarterback, and boy did he make an introduction.

While his debut will technically go down as a few garbage minutes against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 1, Jones received his first proper start in Week 3, where he led the Giants to the second-biggest comeback by a rookie QB in their first start in league history; taking down the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by a score of 32-31.

Now granted, one could argue that the Bucs lost the game more than the Giants won it – as Bruce Arians effectively iced his own kicker in the closing moments of the game – but after having to suffer through pretty bad quarterback player for the back half of this decade, fans of big blue appear overjoyed with their new signal-caller.

After one game he already has a nickname for goodness sake: Danny Dimes.

But just because Jones played well against the rebuilding Buccaneers defense, despite being sacked four times by Shaquil Barrett alone, does that mean he could become a problem for the Eagles moving forward?

Week 4 could go a little way to answering that question.

Again, the Redskins as a whole are bad, but their defense isn’t terrible. While that may seem perplexing to say when you consider the team has given up at least 30 points to each of their first three opponents so far this season, the team has a few nice players like Josh Norman, Ryan Kerrigan, Landon Collins, and Jonathan Allen.

If Jones can make smart decisions and carve up Washington’s defense while taking a few fewer sacks, it could showcase a game-changing talent who can beat opposing teams both with his arms and on the ground.

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Ultimately how you choose to spend your free Sunday is your business, but one morbid curiosity alone, I would imagine the New York Giants bout against the Washington Redskins should be considered must-watch football for Philadelphia Eagles fans eager to forecast the strength of the NFC East for the foreseeable future – and laugh at the sheer mediocrity of the football on display.