Philadelphia Eagles fans shouldn’t be hitting the panic button just yet

GREEN BAY, WI - AUGUST 10: Carson Wentz
GREEN BAY, WI - AUGUST 10: Carson Wentz /

Most Philadelphia Eagles fans probably didn’t expect a 1-2 start to the 2019 season, but there’s no reason to hit the panic button just yet.

In a few days, the Philadelphia Eagles will head to Wisconsin to take on the Green Bay Packers in what should be an entertaining Week 4 showdown.

The team will look to put the past two games behind them while strapping up for what could be a back-and-forth battle with Aaron Rodgers and company.

Even after coming off of two loses in very winnable games, fans shouldn’t write off their Eagles just yet.

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Through three games, the Packers have respectfully put up 10, 21, and 27 points while Philadelphia through three games has put up 32, 20, and 24.

Of course, different teams and different games create different results, but having some sort of idea about the opponent’s current scoring history can help shape a picture over what to expect.

The main thing to pay attention to on Thursday will obviously be Rodgers’ veteran ability to stretch out plays and find a man downfield.

This isn’t so favorable for the Eagles, who have let up 881 passing yards so far this year, fourth worst in the NFL.

When looking at the big-play abilities of players like Marquez Valdes-Scantling, who just put up 99 yards and a touchdown, this shows what Rodgers has to work with on offense.

Not to mention, Green Bay also has Jimmy Graham, who can’t be ignored, as well as a dual threat running back that has high value in the passing game in  Aaron Jones.

Comparing the numbers through three games actually favors the Eagles’ offense since Philadelphia is currently averaging 25.3 points a game, which ranks ninth in the NFL, while the Packers are at 19.3 points per game (24th in the league).

As far as yards per game are concerned, the Eagles take the cake there too by averaging 365 yards per game (13th overall) to the Packers only averaging 286.7. (fourth lowest in the league).

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Moving onto passing yards per game ,Philly is above average with 265.3, which ranks 12th overall, while Green Bay is at 27th overall with just 197.3.

A slightly closer contest in the rushing yards per game, however, with the Eagles averaging 99.7 to the Packers 89.3, 17th and 24th rankings respectively.

When comparing the defensive numbers, you’re met with a different tune. The Eagles currently average out to allowing 26 points per game, 24th in the NFL, while the Packers are sitting pretty at 11.7, second best in the league.

Yards allowed per game is also in the Packers favor, with the team allowing 328.3 (13th) to Philly’s 350.7 (17th).

We already know the Eagles weakness right now is stopping the passing game and they proved it with 293.7 passing yards allowed per game, 29th in the league.

Meanwhile, the Packers have allowed 197.3 passing yards per game, fifth best in the NFL. The Eagles do get a landslide difference in the rushing yards allowed per game though, with just 57, second best in the NFL.

The Packers on the other hand have allowed 131 rushing yards per game, ranked 25th in the NFL.

With the comparisons out of the way, it makes too much sense to take look into the past at last week’s game.

Unfortunately, the number of the game was seven, due to the seven drops by receivers.

Not is it an ugly statistic to see, but these drops came at crucial moments in the game.

It started in the second quarter with a 3rd and 7 dropped pass by Nelson Agholor. It was then followed by Agholor’s infamous untouched fumble on a 1st and 10, which helped the Lions get three points.

Moving onto the third quarter and the third instance Jordan Howard dropped a fairly easy pass on 2nd and 8, the Eagles still scored a touchdown on this drive, making this drop not so costly.

Get to the last quarter with a little over nine minutes left with a 1st and 10 on the Lions 26-yard line in a 27-17 game, Carson Wentz loops one over to Dallas Goedert, who is wide open in the end zone before the ball bounces off his fingers.

Again, the Eagles would end up scoring on this drive, but it ended up carving out two extra minutes of needed game time.

Now for the gut punches, about a minute and thirty six seconds left in the game. On a 2nd and 10 at midfield, a pass past the chains goes towards Mack Hollins, just to be dropped and the Eagles to turn it over on downs.

Bringing us to the final nail in the coffin, a 4th and 15 deep shot to rookie JJ Arcega-Whiteside, if it’s caught, is either a touchdown or he’s down at the one-yard line.

Instead the ball hits the receiver’s hands, and drops to the ground.

It’s important to look back at this game see the 27-24 finish and see the drops in crucial moments of the game. This game for the Eagles was the definition of beating yourself, not just the other team beating you.

Regardless of injuries to Alshon Jeffery and Desean Jackson, the Eagles were right there in the game and had a very realistic chance to win, all of which is needed in mental toughness and practice.

Having player’s step up into unexpected roles can be a tough task, but hopefully after some film session and plenty of reps on the jugs machine, Philly can hope to see an Eagles’ passing offense bounce back in a game where it will most likely be needed.

In just three games, the Eagles are 1-2 with both losses being within reach. A win Thursday can get them even back at .500, but also a loss against Green Bay will place them at 1-3.

Most importantly, how the Birds play will warrant if their fans should start to panic, especially if the Dallas Cowboys continue to play at a high level.