Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz is still objectively better than Jared Goff

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Regardless of what his contract would suggest, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is a statistically better quarterback than Jared Goff.

Welp, it sure didn’t take long for Carson Wentz‘s brand new extension to get topped – fittingly by the player who was selected one pick above him in the 2017 NFL Draft.

That’s right, a little less than two months after the Philadelphia Eagles awarded their franchise QB with a fresh $128 million extension – featuring a then-NFL record $107 million guaranteed – Jared Goff was awarded a massive four-year, $134 million extension with a new record $110 million guaranteed.

While one could argue whether or not Goff is simply a benefactor of Sean McVay‘s masterful Los Angeles Rams system or if he is, in fact, a quality NFL quarterback, but through it all, one thing remains incredibly clear: Jared Goff is no Carson Wentz and the numbers back that up.

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Sure, Goff is better at some things than Wentz, like not suffering season-ending injuries, appearing in playoff games (2-2) and not consistently getting upstaged by his backup quarterback (Blake Bortles is no Nick Foles), but when you dig into the numbers, the answer to which quarterback is the best in the 2017 draft class is abundantly clear.

And no, it’s not Dak Prescott.

Despite suffering not one, but two season-ending injuries, Wentz has started more regular-season games than Goff at 40 to 38 and in those games, ‘The Bismarck Bullet’ has outgunned his draftmate consistently; throwing 571 more yards, five more touchdowns, and a higher completion percentage (63.7 vs. 62.1).

Granted, Wentz does have two more interceptions and a slightly lower quarterbacks rating on his career (92.5 vs. 94.7), but that’s to be expected when you consider that Goff has attempted 205 fewer passes over his career – including 402 fewer as a rookie.

Wentz is also a more effective weapon as a rusher, having picked up 367 more yards on the ground – though as fans in the 215 have seen, that may not be a good thing.

And most importantly of all, Wentz is a Super Bowl champion, and Goff isn’t – and regardless of how that happened, it happened.

While he obviously wasn’t on the field for said Super Bowl victory, Wentz’s QBR in 2017 (77.2) was head and shoulders better than Goff’s career-best mark of 65.4 and etched the then-second year quarterback’s name onto the very shortlist to win a league MVP trophy at 25-years-old.

Had 2018 gone a little better for Wentz and the Birds, we may not even be having this conversation.

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So ultimately, is Carson Wentz a head and shoulders better quarterback than Jared Goff? No, the two quarterbacks are more or less in the same class, but when you dig into the margins, it’s clear Wentz is the more physically gifted player with (ever so slightly) better statistics to strengthen his case – all but confirming Howie Roseman‘s decision to trade up to number two to select the North Dakota State product as the Philadelphia Eagles’ next franchise quarterback.