2019 Eagles vs Super Bowl 52 Championship Eagles: Offensive Edition

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To start things off let’s take a look at how the Quarterbacks compare and differ from the 2017 and upcoming 2019 season. Although Nick Foles was the Super Bowl 52 MVP in 2017, Carson Wentz actually played for most of the year with 13 games started to Nick Foles’ three following Wentz’s ACL injury in Los Angeles versus the Rams. Although being a back up Foles stepped up big time with his completion percentage being over 75 percent with no interceptions in the first two playoff games of the post-season just to step up even further in the Super Bowl passing for 373 yards and three touchdowns along with the famous Philly Philly catch in the end-zone earning him MVP of the game.

While Nick Foles put up impressive numbers in the playoffs most of his career has been as a back-up fighting for the starting job doing so early on with Michael Vick and the Eagles, then on the Rams and Chiefs before looping back around to find himself coming in for the injured Wentz and bringing the Eagles their first-ever Lombardi Trophy.

Now going into the second season removed from the championship the Eagles have let Nick Foles go in free agency to the Jacksonville Jaguars and extended Carson Wentz. The younger Wentz was the second overall pick in his draft class, is a dynamic player, and was always meant to be the future of the franchise. Letting a Super Bowl MVP and veteran quarterback in Nick Foles walk should show everyone including Wentz himself that the team believes in him and trust him to guide them to another Super Bowl.

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One thing people tend to forget is the fact that Wentz was on an easy pace to be the 2017 regular season MVP before getting injured. In 13 games Wentz was able to land a top 20 spot in passing yards with 3,296. In touchdowns, the dominate young quarterback missed the top spot by just one with 33 TD’s through the air (Russell Wilson tossed for 34 in 16 games). Wentz was also had the eighth most rushing yards for quarterbacks with 299 before getting hurt. Making his statistics do the talking for the pace he was on.

Although Nick Foles stole the hearts of Philadelphian’s and Eagles fans everywhere after winning the Super Bowl, he has never passed for 3,000 yards in his career topping out at 2,891 yards in 2013 earning himself a Pro Bowl nod the same season. Foles also hasn’t played a full 16 games once in his career playing the most games with 13 in the aforementioned season.

At the same time, fans and analyst alike worry if Wentz can play a full season only doing so his rookie year with him having these injury concerns stem back to his college career. Still, the Eagles had two players to pick from that both have concerns with their ability to play an entire season, one being 30-years-old the other going into his prime at 26.

Both quarterbacks have shown the ability to win and both expected big pay days in their respected situations. Although the Jaguars got a veteran that can win big time games in Foles he has shown inconsistency throughout the seasons and is entering the back half of his career while the Eagles extended a player that was always meant to lead the team into the future, a talented one of a kind type of player with huge potential, still Wentz has his doubters. Of course his injury history is always a concern as well as some questioning if he’ll ever be the same as he was during his 2017 campaign following his ACL and back injury.