Philadelphia Phillies: How should the Phillies replace Odubel Herrera?

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After Odubel Herrera was arrested for domestic violence and placed on leave, the Philadelphia Phillies have decisions to make for a replacement.

On May 28th, 2019, news broke that Philadelphia Phillies‘ center fielder Odubel Herrera was arrested for domestic violence in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Not too long after, the Phillies placed Herrera on administrative leave following MLB protocol.

This incident will most likely lead to the releasing of the center fielder, which would leave a sizeable hole on the Phillies’ depth chart.

As of right now, the Phillies’ are truly making a utility player out of Scott Kingery putting him out in center field as a backup option.  He’s also listed secondary at right field, shortstop, second and even third base.  Although the Phillies could release Herrera and roll on with Kingrey pulling off the Bugs Bunny feat to bring in another position, it’s probably in their best interest to bring in some center or outfielder.

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Begrudgingly according to Spotrac, there are only three center fielders that are currently unrestricted free agents. Those three are Austin Jackson, Ben Revere, and Jordan Schafer. Part of the issue with these three players are not only their age – with the youngest one being 31 – but Jackson is the only player to play major league baseball in the past year. Revere hasn’t played since 2017 and Schafer’s last game was in 2015.

Still, two of the three players ended with a better batting average than Herrera has now. In 126 at-bats, Herrera has just one home run with 28 hits for a .222 batting average. In 2018, Austin Jackson was able to average .247 with three home runs and 49 hits in 198 at-bats.

Revere in 2017 would have 291 at-bats tallying 80 hits coming to an average of .275 but with just one home run. Although a Phillies Revere reunion would be a story, the Phillies may not look to sign a fielder but opt to trade for one.

One name that comes to mind for trade rumors is Billy Hamilton.  The 28-year-old center fielder is due $5.25 million this season and is on a one year contract. In 138 at-bats for Hamilton, he connected on 31 pitches for an average of .225. Not the most impressive hitting average but Hamilton does have 10 stolen bases and a .303 on-base percentage, to be compared to Herrera’s two stolen bases and .288 on-base percentage.

Another player could be a potential replacement is Adam Jones. At 33-years-old Jones is averaging .274 with 55 hits out of 201 at-bats with 10 home runs and a 3.24 on base percentage. Jones is also only due $3 million through 2020, noticeably cheaper than Herrera, who is currently due $30.5 mil through 2024.

The Phillies could also go fishing for someone like Byron Buxton a 25-year-old on a one year deal worth $1.75 million. In 163 at-bats Buxton was able to get 42 hits with five home runs averaging .258. He also has nine stolen bases and an on-base percentage of .316.

The Phillies will most likely try to keep their starting lineup as intact as possible. Still, they could look to trade away players like utility man Sean Rodriguez who has a small sample size this season of just 29 at bats with eight hits enough for a .276 average.

They could also possibly look to move second baseman Phil Gosselin.  The backup infielder doesn’t have too much to show from this season but does have more at bats then the previously mentioned Rodriguez with 42 connecting on 10 of them for a .238 batting average.

Of course, another trade option that tends to happen a lot in baseball is the handful of prospects and/or cash consideration route. With the Phillies farm system being ranked 14 out of 30 teams they should have plenty of prospects to pick from for a respectable deal. Most likely the Phillies could part with a pitching prospect having plentiful in the system with seven of the top ten prospects being pitchers.

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Needless to say, it’s going to be very interesting to see how the Philadelphia Phillies address center field moving forward.