4 players Eagles could send to Steelers in potential Antonio Brown trade

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4. Sidney Jones

As bad as it sounds, the verdict is still out there on Sidney Jones when it comes to whether he’s going to develop into the kind of cornerback Philadelphia wants him to be, although there’s still plenty of reasons to be hopeful.

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Back in 2017, the Eagles felt confident enough that Jones could turn out to be a steal in the second round since if it wasn’t for that Achilles’ injury, chances are the cornerback would have been selected much earlier in the first round.

Most likely, Philadelphia wants to wait and see what Jones is capable of during a full season of action since injuries have prevented him from doing so through the first two seasons. But also, if the Eagles found out dealing Jones could result in them earning the rights to Brown, this seems like something that would be well worth it.

Plus, at least when it comes to the upcoming draft, finding a replacement for Jones would seem much easier if this were to become an option for the Eagles, and would be well worth if it led to Brown.

Giving up on the potential surrounding Jones may seem difficult at first, but in the long run, there would be more potential involving Brown’s impact in the passing game.