8 players Philadelphia Eagles could potentially re-sign during 2019 free agency

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8. Darren Sproles

Let the record show that if it wasn’t for Doug Pederson, there’s a good chance Darren Sproles wouldn’t have been part of the roster during the 2018 season since the Eagles head coach loved to have the veteran running back as part of the picture.

Heading into last season, Sproles indicated this would be his final year in the NFL, and rightfully so since a running back who will be 36 at the start of next season can only take so many hits before it’s time to call it a career.

From Sproles’ perspective, there was nothing the running back wanted more than to end his career on the highest note possible by winning another Super Bowl, but now it looks like instead of being sold on retirement, he’s considering the possibility of playing another year.

Chances are that if Sproles does decide to come back for one more year, Pederson is going to make a strong case for him to return to the Eagles. As mentioned before, Pederson has made it clear just how much he loves having Sproles around as part of the picture, and any decision related to another NFL season would most likely guarantee he would be back in Philadelphia for a sixth year.