3 reasons acquiring Tobias Harris makes 76ers new favorites in Eastern Conference

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3. Harris joins strong supporting cast

With all due respect to the Clippers since that team has been fun to watch this season, Harris joining a Sixers team loaded with talent is going to be a major upgrade for the star forward.

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As previously discussed, Philadelphia was a team on a mission this past offseason to bring another superstar on board to play alongside Simmons and Embiid, which they would eventually do in the regular season with Butler.

During their playoff run last year that resulted in the Boston Celtics eliminating them in the semifinals, it was clear that Philadelphia was in need of another star player in order to compete with the rest of the contenders in the Eastern Conference.

Acquiring Butler when they did has already worked wonders for the Sixers over the last couple of months, but this deal to land Harris just made the entire situation that much better.

By adding another star player to the mix, the strong supporting cast Philadelphia already had in place just became even stronger with Harris part of the picture now, as one can only imagine the new potential surrounding this squad.

Not to mention, let’s not forget about the sharp shooter part of the mix as well in J.J Redick to make the addition of Harris even more exciting.