Philadelphia Eagles: Just how high is Carson Wentz’s trade value?

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Carson Wentz is the Philadelphia Eagles franchise quarterback. But if Nick Foles does it again, just how much will teams offer to try to acquire Wentz?

The Philadelphia Eagles are not going to trade Carson Wentz.

At 26-years-old, the once and future league MVP candidate could conceivably take snaps under center in a midnight green jersey for the next decade-plus, and while ushering in the next great era of Philadelphia football.

But what about the elephant in the room?

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What if the Eagles find a way yet again behind the arm of Nick Foles and make another postseason run? Can any team, regardless of their depth chart, really let a Super Bowl MVP in his prime walk for nothing?

I mean I guess the same situation is about to happen in Baltimore, as Joe Flacco will all but certainly be looking for a new team in 2019, but it’s abundantly clear he is not a player who can consistently take his team to the playoffs, let alone, a Super Bowl, so much so that John Harbaugh almost lost his job as a result of said ineffectiveness.

Foles and Wentz, on the other hand, are easily top-30 quarterbacks in the NFL right now, and may rank a whole lot higher, depending on who you ask. Baring some crazy injury or a surprise retirement, they will both be starting games in the NFL next season, but where is the big question.

While the obvious answer would be to simply allow Foles to walk in free agency, leaving the city a hero for greener pastures, what if Howie Roseman instead opts to retain his favorite son and make Wentz available via trade?

I mean, could you even imagine the kind of return he could fetch Philly?

After highlighting his unique skill set and escapability over the better part of three seasons, it’s not outside the realm of possibility to imagine Wentz one day being the highest paid player in NFL history, with that day likely coming in 2021, once he’s eligible for a contract extension after his fourth season.

Simply put, if made available, there would be at least a dozen teams, maybe more across the league willing to go all-in on Wentz’s upside, injuries and all, and trade the proverbial farm for his services.

Need proof? Let’s take a look at some of the more significant trades to take place over the history of the NFL, quarterbacks, and non-quarterbacks and see what kind of return the Philadelphia Eagles could receive for Carson Wentz.