Philadelphia Eagles: Three keys to a Week 15 win over the Rams

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Philadelphia Eagles
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Get a big play from an unexpected source

Usually, when there is an upset, the inferior team found a way to score in a non-traditional way. That could be on a blocked punt, punt return, pick-six, fumble return score, or a trick play. The Eagles are going to need one of those to occur for them on Sunday.

Remember when the Eagles went up to New England and upset the Patriots in 2015? That game saw the Eagles record a blocked punt touchdown, punt return touchdown, and a pick-six by Malcolm Jenkins. It was what you call a fluke win. The Eagles are going to need another one of those on Sunday.

The Eagles have a historically great punt returner in Darren Sproles, so maybe he will break one loose on Sunday. Or maybe the Eagles can force Goff into a big mistake and take it to the house, or return a Los Angeles fumble for a score.

If one of those plays don’t happen then Pederson should try to force the issue himself a bit. Possibly call for a fake punt or fake field goal, or maybe even bring out a trick play on offense. “Philly-Philly” anyone?

The fact of the matter is the Eagles are heavy underdogs and really have nothing to lose. To add, Pederson shouldn’t be worried about job security so he should dig back into his aggressive side and have some fun. It may be the only way the Eagles have a chance in this game.