The Philadelphia Eagles have all but given up on the 2018

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By icing out Carson Wentz for their upcoming match against the Rams, the Philadelphia Eagles have all but waved the white flag on the 2018 season.

The Philadelphia Eagles season is over.

Sure, the team still technically has to play three more games before they can officially depart for offseason vacations, but for all intents and purposes, it’s hard to imagine any of these games holding much weight.

Want proof? Look no further than the team’s decision to ice out Carson Wentz in a pivotal, pivotal (basically) elimination game at the Linc.

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While Wentz certainly hasn’t looked like himself for long stretches of the season, as injuries have undoubtedly taken their toll, he was eagerly edging it out in the hopes of keeping his team alive in what could have been his chance to take the team to the playoff.

But now, much like last season, Wentz will have to watch from the sidelines as Nick Foles leads his team against Sean McVay and the front-running Los Angeles Rams.

How fitting.

Granted, there’s no way of knowing just how hurt Wentz really is, as he looked terrible at times against the Dallas Cowboys, but had this been an actual playoff game, could you imagine number 11 chilling on the sideline?

No, this is a classic case of a team preserving an asset for the future, instead of risking further injury in a meaningless game.

It’s not like the team’s made an effort to bolster their roster over the past few weeks. Ever since flipping a third-round pick to the Detroit Lions for Golden Tate, remove that is a certified bust, anytime a player goes down with a season-ending injury, Howie Roseman has opted against signing a proven veteran.

Set of adding proven players like Kelvin Benjamin, C.J. Anderson, David Amerson, or Jalen Collins, Philly has instead opted to add players like Cre’Von LeBlanc, Treyvon Hester, and Boston Scott.

Why? To see if they can develop into solid players moving forward. These players aren’t meant to help right now; no, these are essentially job interviews for the future.

Why would a teen be giving job interviews if they’re fighting for a playoff spot?

Oh yeah, because they aren’t.

While it may hurt to admit it, the season is over. And that’s okay. Do you really want to watch this year’s Eagles’ squad play more games?

I don’t even want to watch them play now, and it’s literally my job.

But what about the people in the back who suggest that Foles could come in once again and propel the team to postseason based on his proven track record of doing g just that?

Well, if by some miracle he does find a way to defeat the Rams, which I guess could happen since they’ve already secured a playoff spot, the team would then have to travel to Foles’ home state to face off against the Houston Texans.

That’s an easy win, right?

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Though it’s beyond uncommon to see a Super Bowl winning team not even make the playoffs the following season, this clearly has not been Philadelphia Eagles year. Why keep your hopes up only to continue to be disappointed?