NFL Power Rankings, Week 14: Eagles look to keep NFC East race interesting

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15. Indianapolis Colts

Week 13 will most likely be one of those games in which the Indianapolis Colts look back on, and wish they performed better since all they had to do was score seven points to win against the Jacksonville Jaguars, yet couldn’t do it. Prior to the game, the Colts were on a bit of a hot streak with five wins in a row, but Sunday’s 6-0 loss certainly felt like a slap to the face when seeing how much the Jaguars as a team have struggled in recent months.

No matter how hard they tried, Indianapolis just couldn’t figure out a way to get anything rolling on offense during their loss to Jacksonville. And with a 6-6 record heading into Week 14, it looks like the division will be out of reach for the Colts, meaning it’s time to focus on earning one of the Wild Card spots in the AFC.

Hopefully, Andrew Luck uses this game as motivation to make sure Indianapolis finds a way to turn things around next weekend the Houston Texans, who have now won nine games in a row. Otherwise, the Colts will be close to watching their playoff chances slip away.