Ex-Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks can return in Week 14

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(Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images) /

After being suspended indefinitely by the league following insider trading charges, ex-Philadelphia Eagles linebacker will return to the field in Week 14.

Is there any player who’s been in the new more this season than ex-Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks?

In case you’ve somehow forgotten, after finally receiving an elevated role in Jim Schwartz‘s defensive scheme when Jordan Hicks went down with a season-ending Achilles injury, Kendrick did not want to return to his former plight as a part-time player and once again begged de facto GM Howie Roseman for either a trade or for his release.

This time, maybe because the afterglow of the Super Bowl had yet to wear off, Roseman obliged.

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From there, Kendricks almost immediately signed on to join the Cleveland Browns and their loaded linebacking core before being hit with his now infamous insider trading charges that could potentially land him some serious jail time.

The charges immediately resulted in the Brown cutting their troubled backer and just like that; it looked like the elder Kendricks brother’s professional football career appeared to be over.

Until it wasn’t.

A few weeks later, the Seattle Seahawks sent minor shockwaves through the league by announcing they had, in fact, signed Kendricks to a one-year contract to help bolster their rebuilding defense alongside stalwart Bobby Wagner.

This move put the league in a tight spot.

After initially thinking they’d dodged a bullet with having to punish Kendricks, the league once more had to figure out what to do with his situation. While he obviously deserved some sort of punishment, the league at the time didn’t have a rule in place to punish a player charged with a white-collar crime and opted to put Mychal on an indefinite suspension until they could figure it out.

According to Ian Rapoport, the Kendricks will finally be allowed to return to the field to practice in Week 12, and return to the field to play his brother Eric in Week 14 following the Hawks’ Week 13 bye.

His total suspension length? 10 weeks.

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So with four more games, and probably no postseason to look forward to, it looks like Mychal Kendricks will be able to (probably) finish out his football career on his terms: actually playing on the field.