Philadelphia Eagles: Does Amari Cooper make the Cowboys better?

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Amari Cooper is officially a member of the Cowboys, but does his addition make Dallas better than the Philadelphia Eagles? Let’s talk about it.

After a weekend jam-packed with some of the most interesting football games we’ve seen all year, the NFC East has officially been rocked with a marquee trade that could alter the fate of the division not only in 2018 but potentially for years to come.

And unfortunately, the move was not made by the Philadelphia Eagles, but by their arch rivals the Dallas Cowboys.

In a trade that apparently came together pretty quickly, the Cowboys have decided to go all in on this season, and potentially Dak Prescott, and have shipped their 2019 first round pick to Jon Gruden and the Oakland Raiders for struggling receiver Amari Cooper.

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But does this move actually make the Cowboys better?

Now don’t get me wrong, Cooper is clearly the best receiver on the Cowboys roster, and is probably the best pass catcher they’ve had since Jason Witten and Dez Bryant suited up for Big D, but will his addition serve as the magic pill that flips a switch and unlocks Jason Garrett‘s offense, or one that wastes a premium pick on a player who barely tips the scales?

More importantly, does this move make the Cowboys better than the similarly struggling Eagles this year?

With the NFC East more or less a three-way race between the Cowboys, Eagles, and Washington Redskins, any added advantage has the potential to turn the tides in one teams favor, and force another team to make a similar move to help to keep pace (more on that here, here, and here).

So, which is it? Does Amari Cooper’s addition makes the Dallas Cowboys NFC East favorites, or will this move stifle the team’s ability to reload their cupboard and restock a roster with more than a few noticeable holes? Section 215’s Justin Bonner and Pete Long have decided to break down the potential move, in an attempt to answer this very question. Who do you agree with more? Let us know in the comments section below!