Philadelphia Eagles: Are two Matthews better than one?

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After finally being released by the Tennessee Titans, should the Philadelphia Eagles sign Rishard Matthews? Are two Matthews better than one? Let’s find out.

If you’ve been keeping up with football over last week or so you probably at least touched on the Tenessee Titans‘ current situation with Rishard Matthews, the team’s former number one receiver who’s fallen out of favor with the current coaching staff.

After slowly slipping down the depth chart, Matthews requested a release from his contract, to pursue an opportunity to actually play.

A request that new coach Mike Vrabel happily obliged.

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So, with the Eagles set to take their show on the road and face off against the aforementioned Titans in their Week 4 showdown, could Philly get a little extra help in Nashville?

On one hand, it’s never great to watch a player essentially quit on their team, and I’m sure at least some players on the Eagles would not be overjoyed in adding a player who lacks their collective cutthroat, team-first mentality.

But at the same time, can you knock Matthews for wanting an opportunity to play?

After signing with the Titans in 2016, following an up-and-down four-year stint with for the Miami Dolphins, Matthews quietly transformed himself into one of the best wide receivers in the NFC South, averaging over 87 yards and six touchdowns a season over his Tennessee tenure.

He even played a part in the Titans’ first playoff game since 2008, catching four passes from Marcus Mariota in what would ultimately be a losing effort.

Matthews clearly has talent.

The Eagles receiving corps? Eh.

Currently, the Eagles’ top three receivers are Nelson Agholor, who’s done everything in his power to will the Eagles to victory as at times their only competent receiver, Alshon Jeffery, a player who was just cleared for contact earlier this week, and either an underperforming Kamar Aiken, or a recently resigned Jordan Matthews.

Now Matthews is certainly a better player than Aiken, both now and moving forward, but Rishard may not be better than Jordan and may fall to fourth on the Eagles depth chart, the very reason he asked for his release from the Titans in the first place.

Though Pederson could use the addition of Matthews as a way to incorporate a receiver rotation like the team deploys on the defensive line, over his tenure with the team, Doug typically likes to give his starters starter snaps, sprinkling in reserves as an occasional change of pace.

Would he seriously change his entire offensive philosophy for a fairly typical receiver like Matthews? Probably not.

While adding Matthews could be a clutch backup plan should the team have another receiver go down with an injury, I doubt he’d be willing to sign on for such an up in the air role. Matthews asked to be released from the Titans because he had no defined role and likely wants to join a team with a clear path to start.

That isn’t Philly.

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After signing Jordan Matthews a week ago, and being rewarded for their efforts with a solid two catches for 21 yards while logging 33 offensive snaps, it seems incredibly unnecessary to also bring Rishard into the fold to fill a similar role. Though one could argue who is more talented, it’s clear that Jordan and Carson Wentz have a great report, and will continue to get better week after week, thus making Rishard’s addition entirely superfluous.