Philadelphia Eagles: As injuries pile up, Philly shouldn’t trade Nick Foles

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With Jimmy Garoppolo out for the season with a torn ACL, the Philadelphia Eagles shouldn’t consider trading Nick Foles midseason, regardless of the offer.

Once upon a time, there was heavy speculation that Philadelphia Eagles‘ backup quarterback Nick Foles could garner as much as a first-round pick in the trade from a quarterback-hungry team.

Now granted, after a rocky preseason and a 1-1 start to the NFL season, he all but squelched those rumors, but let’s be clear: Foles still has pretty considerable value as one of the best backup quarterbacks in the NFL.

But as injuries continue to pile up around the league, should the Eagles cashing in on that value in the form of a future assist?

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While it’s unclear if a team like the 49ers would come calling to try to try to remain competitive this season with Foles under center, maybe even offering a Day 2 draft pick as compensation after losing Jimmy Garoppolo to a season-ending ACL injury, flipping a franchise folk hero to a team in need of a short-term band-aid delivers all kinds of bad karma.

After narrowly defeating the Colts in Wentz’s first game back, do the Eagles really want to challenge the football gods?

Though fans at Lincoln Financial Field were treated to a vintage Carson Wentz performance in his first game back from an ACL injury, last season proved that a strong backup quarterback is all but essential to winning a championship, especially when you have a quarterback playing on a surgically repaired knee.

Recouping a top-100 draft pick for a player who in all likelihood will probably leave the team next season would be great value, and could help to build the Eagles roster long-term with another cost-controlled asset, is that gamble worth the risk of having Nate Sudfeld under center for the remainder of the season should disaster strike again?

Boy, I hope not.

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While Foles for all intensive purposes is not going to provide much value to the team week-in and week-out by holding a clipboard, he’s effectively serving as an insurance policy for Wentz, an insurance policy that certainly came in handy last season. Though it’s never fun to pay for insurance, typically foregoing something fun in the process, 2017 effectively proved that it’s better to be safe than sorry.