Philadelphia Eagles: Colin Cowherd loves Malcolm Jenkins but still hates Philly

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On a recent episode of The Herd, Colin Cowherd called Malcolm Jenkins his favorite player in the NFL, yet he somehow still hates the Philadelphia Eagles.

Sometimes, it’s nice just to let other people be happy about things.

From doggie birthday parties, to vintage video game collecting, and even daily fantasy sports, everyone has their own unique passions, and instead of bringing others down because you find their behavior somehow less valid, maybe one should instead just let other people enjoy their lives?

If anyone should take this lesson to heart, its noted Philly hater Colin Cowherd.

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On a recent episode of his FS1 show The Herd, Cowherd once again decided to dedicate a segment to the Philadelphia Eagles, mainly to make fun of the team for putting up a Super Bowl championship banner in their locker room.

Now instead of going full-on attack dog and ripping our team to shreds, he instead decided to preface the segment in the compliment sandwich, first dedicating a few minutes to praise the team’s starting safety Malcolm Jenkins.

Now granted, there’s a lot to praise about Jenkins, from his stellar play on the field as one of the team’s Iron Man defenders to his incredibly passionate fight for social justice, but for Cowherd, the attribute that makes number 27 his ‘favorite player in the league’ is his maturity.

And by maturity, I mean he also doesn’t like the Super Bowl 53 banner.

Classic Colin.

For those who’ve forgotten, this isn’t the first time Mr. Cowherd has taken shots at the City of Brotherly Love either, as, in 2017, he went so far as to call Philly “The Dumbest Sports City in America“.

Really? Now granted, in the afterglow of the Eagles Super Bowl victory, a number of interesting stories arose that didn’t exactly paint the city in the best light, like some overly eager fans climbing up greased lamp poles, or another punching a police horse (horses did not fair well post-53), but after waiting lifetimes (literally) for their hometown team to finally defy the odds and bring home a Lombardi Trophy, it seems a bit immature to judge fans for enjoying themselves, especially since it was won by a rag-tag bunch of lunch pail players lead by a backup QB.

That’s an ending worthy of a screenplay, not ridicule.

dark. Next. Could Avonte Maddox actually beat out Sidney Jones in the slot?

So even though Cowherd is a big fan of Malcolm Jenkins and his disapproval of a banner, maybe he should sit back and appreciate just how much that magical moment meant to the fans of Philly, and simply allow them to have their cake and eat it too, without smugly remarking that the Pittsburgh Steelers have already had six cakes, and theirs were probably better.