Philadelphia Eagles: Joyner, Simmons headed to the Eagles Hall of Fame


After watching Dawk get inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Philadelphia Eagles will now induct Seth Joyner and Clyde Simmons into their own HoF.

Disappointed about the Philadelphia Eagles preseason debut loss to their interstate rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Well, here’s some good news that’s sure to cheer up even the most distraught football fan (Eagles fans are notorious for their passion after all).

Mere weeks after watching Eagles legends Brian Dawkins and Terrell Owens officially join some of the best players in pro football history in the Hall of Fame, the organization has decided to get the festivities going and induct franchise favorites Seth Joyner and Clyde Simmons into the club’s own Hall of Fame.

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A pair of inductions that are long overdue.

While some fans, like myself, may be a bit too young to have watched either player actually suit up in Kelly Green at Veteran Stadium, the duo helped to define an era of Philly sports that is still remembered fondly around the City of Brotherly Love.

Simmons, who spent the first eight years of his 15 year NFL career in Philly from 1986-1993, amassed a pretty incredible 720 tackles and 76 sacks as a member of one of the best defensive lines in league history alongside the Minister of Defense, Reggie White, Mike Pitts, and the late great Jerome Brown, who tragically passed away in 1992. Though Simmons did find success playing for other NFL teams like Chicago, Jacksonville, and Arizona, he recorded both of his Pro Bowl and All-Pro seasons in Philly and will likely be remembered eternally as one of the best players of the Buddy Ryan-era.

And then there’s Seth Joyner.

Before joining the NBCS Philly crew on the pre and post game coverage units, Joyner was one of the best linebackers in NFL history and effectively defined the position for the modern day NFL.

An Eagle for the same length of time as Simmons, from 1986-1993, Joyner finished off his Eagles playing career with 875 tackles, 37 sacks and 17 interceptions with five touchdowns to show for his efforts. Serving as the lynchpin for Ryan’s defense, Joyner roamed the open field sideline to sideline, essentially paving the way for future linebackers like Luke Kuechly, Ryan Shazier, and yes, even Jordan Hicks.

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With these player additions, there are now seven members of the late 80s Eagles in the team’s Hall of Fame, including Mike Quick, Jerome Brown, Reggie White, Randall Cunningham, and Eric Allen, with the potential for a few more, like Pitts, Andre Waters, and maybe even Ryan himself to join them. Great news to start off the 2018 football season, to say the least.