Philadelphia Eagles: Dez Bryant situation highlights why Philly’s built to last

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The Cowboys’ current beef with Dez Bryant highlights just how great a job Howie Roseman has done constructing the Philadelphia Eagles’ roster long-term

It must really suck to be the Dallas Cowboys right now.

After finally giving in and cutting previously talented but always troubled wide receiver Dez Bryant earlier this year, the team once again finds itself in a brutal firestorm of accusations and back and forth fighting between the two parties.

Needless to say, it’s pretty rough.

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This, when coupled with Jerry Jones shall we say controversial opinion about the national anthem has the national spotlight firmly affixed on Oxnard California as the team opens training camp, but not for the reasons anyone was hoping for.

The same, however, cannot be said for the Philadelphia Eagles. With training camp now firmly underway depending on when you read this, the Eagles appear stronger than ever, with players young and old coming in ready to defend the crown and give it their all for a chance to return to the Super Bowl and compete for the franchise’s second Lombardi Trophy in as many years.

Even the team’s potentially problematic quarterback situation has been smooth.

Though Nick Foles could have demanded a trade, or vocally demanded that he deserves a chance to compete for a starting role after being named Super Bowl 53’s MVP, he has instead put 100 percent of his support behind Wentz and defended his role as the team’s franchise quarterback,  even signing an extension to remain with the team for one more season should both parties decide that’s what they want to do.

And then there’s the man himself, Carson Wentz.

After having to watch from the sidelines as his team made an unprecedented run through the playoffs in route to a miraculous Super Bowl appearance that fans in Philly will not soon forget, the third-year quarterback is already back on the field slinging dimes only  nine months after tearing his ACL on a called-back touchdown run against the Los Angeles Rams, and still finding it in him to finish out the series essentially on one foot.

That’s what I call Philly Tuff.

Now don’t get me wrong, the Eagles offseason hasn’t been without its interesting storylines, like Michael Bennett‘s pending legal situation, Mychal Kendricks‘ release, or the team’s unfortunate string of injuries to presumed starters Timmy Jernigan and Paul Worrilow, but at least from the outside looking in, it appears as though these missteps have only brought the team together, as opposed to dividing it apart. This iron sharpens iron mentality is a big reason why this team looks like it could last for years to come, as opposed to other franchises that cave in under the weight of their collective egos.

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Do you think the Cowboys can collectively look themselves in the mirror and do the same?