Philadelphia Eagles: Does Foles future affect his value?

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In a recent interview Nick Foles confirmed that he wants to be a starter, but how will his uncertain future with the Philadelphia Eagles affect his value?

At this point, you kind of have to feel bad for Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Nick Foles.

After joining the team just prior to the 2017 season, marking his fourth team in as many years, Foles waited largely unnoticed in the shadows for the majority of the season, at least until that now infamous day in November that changed the franchise’s future forever.

At the time, some fans and writers, myself included, lamented Carson Wentz’s torn ACL as yet another unlucky break that would surely derail a promising season, but seemingly by the grace of God, the team actually got…better?

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Sure, there were some rough patches down the stretch, like the Eagles’ Week 17 loss to Dallas Cowboys, but the team still finished out the regular season with a league-best 13-3 record and breezed through the playoffs in route to their first Super Bowl victory in franchise history behind Foles arm.

Now crowned the Super Bowl LII MVP, Foles redemption story had finally come full circle, from overlooked third-round pick, to Pro Bowl MVP in 2013, to questioning his future as a professional football player after a few rocky seasons and now, a few months later, he’s preparing for another season in South Philly.

As a backup once more.

That’s right, for the first time in the modern-era, a Super Bowl-winning starting quarterback would be relegated to the bench for the following season. In arguably the least exciting quarterback’s competition in league history, even Foles fully understands that the Eagles are Wentz’s team, and at only 24 years old, that’s not going to change anytime soon.

So, where does that leave Foles?

Well, he could demand a trade, as a number of teams have reportedly shown interest in the 29-year-olds services, apparently, the team hasn’t received a respectable offer for Foles, and at an asking price of at least two first-round picks, that may not change anytime soon.

No, baring some sort of dream, Sam Bradford-esque scenario, it seems like a good bet that Foles will be a Philadelphia Eagle come Week 1, especially with Wentz timetable for return still up in the air.

A catastrophic situation for Foles’ value.

Even if Wentz isn’t ready to play when Week 1 arrives and Foles is able to start a few games for the team to start the season, his value as a player may never be higher, as I’m sure quite a few franchises would love to have the 29-year-old signal caller leader their team out onto the field for the remainder of his prime, with the lucrative, multi-year deal that goes with being the face of a franchise.

In a recent interview with Mike Barnes of KVUE in Austin, Foles effective confirmed that he would like to be a starting quarterback once more in a video that you can watch here.

Wow, talk about a hot take.

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At this point, it’s basically common knowledge that Foles will be on a new team in 2019 when his current two-year, $11 contract expires, but after a smoking hot end to the 2017 season, a year on the back burner my squelch the now red-hot hype around Foles going into his impending free agency.

And unfortunately for Foles, there’s really nothing he can do about it.

Baring more complications with Wentz health, or the aforementioned trade, Foles will likely return to the sideline for the majority of the 2018 season, and in a what have you done for me lately league like the NFL, that absence from the spotlight could seriously diminish his opportunity to lead his own franchise onto the field in 2018.

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While keeping him around for the forthcoming season surely gives the Philadelphia Eagles one of the best insurance policies in the entire league, it may, unfortunately, comes at the cost of Nick Foles future as a franchise quarterback.