Philadelphia 76ers: Come on Philly, get behind Lebron James

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The Philadelphia 76ers have a chance to do something extraordinary, and unprecedented: sign Lebron James. As a fan, don’t be against it, hop on board.

The Philadelphia 76ers‘ fan base contains many knowledgeable basketball-followers and the base as a whole can be considered one of the brightest in the NBA. However, there is a growing number of Sixers fans who are dead wrong about one topic. That is the pursuit of Lebron James.

He’s just too good to pass up.

Three billboards were just plugged into downtown Cleveland. The first lays out the Sixers starting lineup with LeBron injected in. The second projects “Complete the Process.” The third entails the simple hashtag “#PhillywantsLebron”. Yes, Philadelphia is going all out in hopes to lure the greatest player of all time to play for their basketball team.

Some Philadelphia fans have taken issue with the extreme measures taken to amuse the Cleveland small forward. Words thrown around to describe their displeasure have been “shameless, thirsty, desperate.”

The other horrendous take voiced by some fans is that if the Sixers sign James and win a championship, that it would lessen the accomplishment in some way.

Sixers fans let me try to convince you why signing James would be the best thing to ever happen to this franchise. (Other than Hinkie, of course.)

Yes, the courting of King James will get ridiculous this summer. It already has. The lengths people will go to charm James will extend far beyond three meaningless billboards. It may feel shameless. It may even feel desperate. But it doesn’t matter.

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Who, besides the Golden State Warriors, isn’t desperate to sign the once in a generation talent? Fans who are embarrassed by this are seriously underestimating the meaning of having an all-time great play for the franchise.

The impact James would have is absolutely amazing to think about. The town with the reigning Super Bowl champs acquires the greatest to ever to do it. This opens the door to create a championship caliber culture in Philly Sports. Now Philadelphia becomes a top destination for free agents in other sports, like Bryce Harper, or gasp, even Philly legend Mike Trout.

James would do so much for the city, the team, and the culture. In 40 years, when people ask you why didn’t the Sixers sign James and you answer with “oh, some fans thought it was thirsty.” That person won’t even be able to formulate a response to the absurdness of your answer.

Think about your grandchildren. Think about the stories you could tell after watching James every single game. Think about 50 years from now talking about how at one time we saw three generational talents all in Philadelphia playing together.

James is worth it. One thousand times over, he is worth it. If opposing fan bases call us desperate in the process, who the hell cares? We will have the GOAT, Ben Simmons, and LeBron James to rub in their faces.

Plugging the 34-year old into this team would significantly increase the chances of winning a championship. If you think it would lessen the accomplishment, you are just insecure.

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People will say “oh, you couldn’t win it with your own guys so you had to buy a title.” First of all, again, who cares? We will have a ring. Second of all, we can still win a title without James . Most Sixers fans know this. And hey, if James makes it a virtual guarantee, so be it.

For all you “trusters” who say this is going against the “process.” It doesn’t. The point of Hinkie’s plan was to acquire assets and needle movers in hopes to one day attract big-time free agents. This is the biggest of them all, Hinkie would have pulled the trigger.

I understand this a minority of Sixers fans that are hesitant about James . The large majority are on board with all the bells and whistles of his recruitment. To the majority I say, let’s do it.

To the minority I say, don’t be insecure. Be smart. You want the best player in the league on your team, no matter what. Winning means more than anything else. Winning silences the criticism. Hop on the bandwagon, you won’t regret it.

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Come on Philly, let’s complete The Process.