Philadelphia 76ers to aquire first pick and select Markelle Fultz

The process is over for the Philadelphia 76ers.

After years of acquiring assets in hopes that they would pay off in the end, the Philadephia 76ers have pulled the trigger. It is time to win now. The move that is signaling this, is that Bryan Colangelo will be finalizing a deal with the Boston Celtics on Monday to select Markelle Fultz per David Aldrige of 

Fultz is the best prospect in this draft and could be one of the most well-rounded prospects to come out of college since Karl Anthony Townes. That’s pretty good company to be in. I could wax on and on about what makes Fultz so good but at this point, you’ve all read a multitude of articles about this.

We’re at the point where all this deal needs is a few dotted I’s and crossed T’s to be official and it’s a beautiful thing. Sure there are minimal concerns with Fultz as a prospect due to small sample size and him being on such a bad team but when an opportunity like this presents itself, you take it.

No ifs and’s or buts this is one of the best moves that the Philadelphia 76ers could have made because it puts them in the driver seat of their future. There is nothing worse than hoping that your prospect falls to you in the draft and with the likelihood that both Fultz and Lonzo Ball would be off the board when the Philadelphia 76ers picked at number three, this had to be done.

Fultz can operate both on the ball and off the ball leaving Phialdlephai 76ers fans drooling at the backcourt tandem that he and Ben Simmons could forge for the future. With the deal on track to be completed ahead of the draft, this saves Sixers fans the agony of waiting too.

It was first announced when the banner was raised to signal the end of the process but it’s now here:

Sleep happy Philadelphia 76ers fans. It’s actually happening and the agony may be over soon.

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