Philadelphia Eagles look to shock the world one more time

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The Philadelphia Eagles are all but ready to take on the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. With a win, the Eagles will do what no one saw possible.

As the hours continue to tick down to the kickoff of Super Bowl LII, the nerves of Philadelphia Eagles fans grow as the game inches closer. Even as I write this, I can hardly contain my excitement at the fact that the Eagles can do something they have never done on Sunday night.

For the first time since 2005, the Eagles are in the Super Bowl, and they will take on perhaps the greatest dynasty in NFL history in the New England Patriots. After year after year of disappointment, the Eagles are finally on the brink of doing something special.

One thing Eagles fans should not forget is how we got here. Let’s not forget the journey this team has taken over the past seven months, and it has most certainly been a special one that all Eagles fans have relished in.

Way back in July, after an offseason of additions, the Eagles embarked on their 2017 journey. At that time expectations were not too high, with many expecting them to win eight maybe nine games. It was believed that ten wins and a playoff appearance would have been a luxury.

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The Eagles were better, but they still had a very young quarterback in Carson Wentz.  Many expected Wentz to make a jump in year two, but no one would have expected the North Dakota State product to play at an MVP level.

One theme that has been common all year long has been the doubt in the Eagles from the national media. That narrative began right away, as the week leading up to the first game, Doug Pederson was called the least qualified coach in the NFL. All that did was put a chip on the Eagles’ shoulder, which is something they carried with them all season long.

From day one Pederson had this team motivated, and the results showed. After a Week 1 victory, the Eagles look like a vastly improved team, but just how much better would they be? Even as they enjoyed a nine-game winning streak and MVP play from Wentz, they continued to be doubted.

All that doubt did was motivate the Eagles even more. For a team that only had one loss for much of the season, they faced a lot of criticism nationwide. People said they hadn’t played anyone, or they were a fluke. Whatever it was, people were hard to accept the Eagles as an elite team.

Sitting at 10-2, some people began to believe in the Eagles, but just as they looked primed for a deep playoff run, they seemed to take a big step back, or so we thought.

All the Wentz injury did was bring back everybody’s doubt in the Eagles. If there was a time for the entire team and coaching staff to step up, it was right then and there. While the loss of Wentz hurt, the season was in no way done; regardless of what any national media member had to say.

The last three weeks of the season were concerning, to say the least. Thankfully, the Eagles were in a position to lock up home-field advantage, but the play of Nick Foles and the Eagles offense was extremely concerning heading into the postseason.

While the bye week is of course extremely beneficial, the worst thing about it was hearing for two weeks about how the Eagles had no chance to win a playoff game, let alone make a run at the Super Bowl.

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We heard it all week leading up to the playoff game against the Falcons how the Eagles were the “underdogs.” Yes, we were underdogs and wore that label proudly. The Eagles and their fans had that chip on their shoulder and were ready to prove everyone wrong in their first playoff game.

That they did, as the Eagles topped Atlanta 15-10 to move within one win of the Super Bowl. The Eagles said they didn’t pay attention to any of the underdog talks, but obviously, they did, given the fact that Lane Jonhson and Chris Long were wearing dog masks and started a trend the city would embrace.

Shortly after the celebration concluded from the first playoff win, the Eagles and their fans began to hear once again about how they stood no chance against the Minnesota Vikings. What should have been said is the Vikings stood no chance, given the fact the Eagles won by 31 points.

Doubt the Eagles once, shame on you. Doubt them twice, shame on you again. Doubt them a third time? We’ll see how that goes. But if this team approaches the Super Bowl with the same mentality they had approached the past two games, then the Patriots better watch out.

In a year where the Eagles have been counted out time and time again, it is only appropriate that they are doubted once again. But this time around, Philadelphia isn’t mad about being counted out, this city is embracing it.

On Super Bowl Sunday, the Eagles will look to shock the world one more time. Foles will look to show he belongs, and this team will look to finally brush away that chip on their shoulder.

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From day one the Eagles have been doubted, and it has continued every step of the way. They have continued to defy all odds, and with a win on Sunday, there will be nothing left to doubt.

We all we got, we all we need. Fly Eagles Fly.