Philadelphia Eagles: More bad news for Carson Wentz

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In addition to tearing his ACL in a season-ending injury, Carson Wentz also tore his LCL. More bad news for the Philadelphia Eagles franchise quarterback.

And the hits keep coming for the Philadelphia Eagles.

After losing the team’s franchise quarterback to a season-ending ACL injury in November, news just broke that Carson Wentz also tore his LCL tendon in addition to the previously reported ACL in that now infamous play in Los Angeles.

While the LCL is widely considered the least significant of the three tendons to tear in your knee, the fact that Wentz has two injuries, as opposed to the originally reported one only heightens the concerns that he will not be ready to play in Week 1 of the 2018 NFL season.

Though Wentz has maintained his optimism about being on track to start the 2018 season, many question the validity of this claim, as highlighted by Eliot Shorr-Park‘s fantastic piece on ACL injuries at Simply put, the ACL usually takes about a year to fully recover, and because Wentz tore his so late in the season, it could seriously affect his chances of being ready in September, only 10 months after his original injury.

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And this additional injury only heightens the chances of further complications.

Though the Eagles have obviously performed extremely well with backup quarterback Nick Foles under center, and likely wouldn’t miss a beat if he had to play during the first month of next season, it would be a tough pill to swallow for Wentz to miss even more time next season.

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Carson Wentz is the unquestioned face of the franchise and looks like the kind of player who could have a Hall of Fame-caliber career in midnight green, so missing a few games here and there likely won’t affect his pedigree, but as the Philadelphia Eagles prepare to face off against the New England Patriots in what should be dubbed “The Injury Bowl”, this news is yet another kick in the teeth to the entire fan base in what should be the most wonderful time of the year.