Should the Philadelphia Eagles re-sign Alshon Jeffrey?

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Even though his numbers haven’t been spectacular so far this season, should the Philadelphia Eagles’s re-sign prized free agent Alshon Jeffery?

When Alshon Jeffery decided to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles expectations were sky high, but a little over halfway through the season, the signing has been a mixture of great and a little disappointing.

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Fans don’t know what they’re getting out of Jeffery each game, but he does more than just put up the occasional gaudy numbers. Carson Wentz finally has a top-tier receiver that he was sorely missing his rookie year, which opens up the rest of the offense.

By signing a one-year contract, Jeffery bet on himself to go out and have a great year in order to get a top contract next offseason, and as of right now, that contract still may not come. The former South Carolina Gamecock’s stats aren’t top tier this season, but what his 34 receptions for 500 yards and five touchdowns have shown that he can take over a game at any given moment.

Jeffery gives the Eagles a top weapon, but also a threat that relieves pressure from other players so they are open to make plays. Only making around nine million dollars this season, Alshon should be in line for a raise, but the increase may not be exactly what he wants.

The Eagles will be in a tricky situation when Jeffery hits free agency once again after this season. He has come out and said the reason for his signing with the Eagles is mainly because of the upside of Wentz and the young-core, so him resigning with the team is a very big possibility.

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Jeffery has had a long injury history, so giving him a lengthy contract may not be the best option, so if he wants to stick around in Philadelphia, he may have to make some compromises.

In my opinion, the perfect contract Howie Roseman and the Eagles front office should offer Jeffery a three-year, $33-million deal. The guaranteed money would have to be a little higher than if the overall money was greater to sweeten the pot, but money would ultimately be saved in the long run, so it’s a win-win for both parties. Jeffery would only receive a pay raise over what he’s making this year, but he’d be able to stay in a stable situation where he can compete for a Super Bowl for years to come.

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It’s obvious that Wentz and Jeffery have developed a strong bond so far this season, and to truly reap the benefits of this combo, the Eagles will need to re-sign their top-receiver. Sure, moves will need to be made to accommodate the signing, but the way Alshon Jeffery opens up Doug Pederson‘s offense, it’s totally worth it.