Philadelphia 76ers: Bayless’ offense or Fultz’s defense?

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The Philadelphia 76ers have had a tough start to the season, and the point guard position is still up in the air. While Markelle Fultz is the long-term answer, he hasn’t done enough to separate himself from spark plug Jerryd Bayless.

A team doesn’t become a super team overnight. There needs to be some growing pains in order to completely gel as a unit, and that is exactly what is happening right now with the Philadelphia 76ers. Through three games, Markelle Fultz has yet to start, and while it is concerning to some, it is becoming quite obvious he isn’t ready for a starting role just yet. The defense is starting caliber, but the offense still needs to develop, which is what Jerryd Bayless brings in spades. By letting Bayless take the reigns in the starting lineup, Fultz can continue to work on his offensive game while healing his ailing shoulder, and still coming in to play incredible defense.

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Many fans want to see the future of the position start now, but patience is a virtue. Fultz and Bayless play very different games, as Bayless is more of an offensive weapon, but struggles on defense, and Fultz is more of a defensive stopper than offensive weapon at this point. With the Sixers playing slow out of the gate, the question needs to be asked if Bayless’ offense or Fultz’s defense should be in the starting lineup.

At the moment, Bayless gives the team more of an open offense, as he is lethal from three-point range and can use his quickness to get to the net or pull up from mid-range. With J.J. Redick and Robert Covington already in the starting lineup, the Sixers have three great shooters on the court that all garner attention both on and off the ball. Fultz has shown in the past he has a solid jump shot, so it’s just a matter of when that shot comes back into form, then he will be a threat to start.

Anyone that has watched the Sixers so far can see that Bayless can’t defend opposing point guards. While Fultz may have troubles on the offensive side of the football, this is where he shines. His incredible athleticism allows him to guard players with high levels of talent and years of experience. Once Fultz’s offensive game evolves, combining that with his defensive prowess will make him a top-tier point guard.

Right now, the team can only pick one to run the point guard position, and while it may rub some the wrong way, it needs to be Bayless. With Bayless’ continued role in the starting lineup, it also needs to be said that it is a temporary role. Once the 10-game mark of the season passes the lineup should be Fultz’s to run, as 10 games will allow Fultz the time to figure out some key pieces of his game needed to succeed.

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Bayless is a quick fix in the starting lineup. Better suited for a scoring role off of the bench, everything will run a lot smoother once Fultz is ready to take over. Right now Bayless’ offense trumps Fultz’s defense, but not for long, because fans deserve to see the 2017 first overall pick making plays in the starting lineup.