Should the Philadelphia Eagles make a move for LeSean McCoy?

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With the Philadelphia Eagles’ running back situation still in question, does it make sense to bring back a familiar face in LeSean McCoy?

Now, it’s no secret that running back will be one of the weakest positions for the Philadelphia Eagles this season. While the Birds have a ton of backs in at their disposal, they don’t have a “feature back”. Oddly enough, the last time they had one who brought some success to the team was current Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy.

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Interestingly enough, Shady spent the better part of his eight-year career in Philadelphia. He burst onto the scene back in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since. In his six-year stint in Philly, McCoy ran for over 6,700 yards and 44 touchdowns. He also won the league’s rushing title in 2013 with 1607 yards. Shady was as dominant a back as you could find during his tenure in Philly.

Apparently, LeSean McCoy could very well be on the market once more. Rotoworld editor Evan Silva reports that the Bills are listening to offers for the 29-year-old running back. Now, this should bring intrigue to many. It’s not every day that a top-five player at his position hits the trade block right before the season starts. Regardless, given his history in Philly, many fans want Vice President Howie Roseman to pull the trigger.

However, is it feasible?

Shady Price

Look, the Eagles don’t have a primary back. Yes, we get that. But, the price tag for a guy like LeSean McCoy may not make such a move worth it. Think about it. If the Bills are going to move Shady, they will most likely want draft picks.

Think about it.

If the Bills are going to move Shady, they will most likely want draft picks. The Eagles only have one pick in the first three rounds of next year’s NFL Draft. They dealt their other three picks for Timmy Jernigan and Ronald Darby (among other things). While both of Jernigan and Darby are upgrades at their respective positions, the Philadelphia Eagles lack the assets to make any future moves of any real value. Shady would be considered one of those moves.

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The only tangible asset of value the Eagles would be able to deal Buffalo would be their first round pick. If they were to deal it, they wouldn’t have a pick in next year’s draft until the fourth round. If the Eagles want to build upon the existing core, the draft is a great place to start. In the NFL, you don’t typically build a winning culture through free agency or trades. The draft is where it’s at.

Shady Age

Anyway, Shady’s 29-years-old. Although he’s still a top-tier back, the asking price could be too much for his age and contract. In the case of the Eagles, giving up a first for LeSean McCoy seems a bit excessive. His market value is pretty high since he just came off a season where he ran for 1,267 yards and 13 touchdowns. While the Bills want to move him, their asking price is going to be too big of a toll.

Even if the Eagles wanted to make them an offer that wasn’t for a first, the check that McCoy is owed just doesn’t make it worth it. He’ll be 32 years old by the time the deal’s up. As much as I loved Shady when he was in Philly, do the Birds really need to add that contract to their already extensive salary cap issue?

The Eagles will have plenty of free agents in 2018. Bringing McCoy could cripple the Eagles as they look to re-sign key players like Alshon Jeffery, Timmy Jernigan, and Nigel Bradham. It’s just not worth it.

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So, for a team that wants to compete, this move could make sense. Then again, mortgaging the future in a sense for 29-year-old, who’s still got $18 million on his deal seems like a bit of a risk. While I do appreciate all of the success Shady brought to Philly, bringing him back would handcuff the Eagles into a bad situation. Given the asking price, it’s probably best for the Eagles to sit this one out.