Eagles: Thank You, Jordan Matthews

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Jordan Matthews has been traded to the Buffalo Bills after three long seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles. Now, it is time to say thank you to a man who represented his city and team with class, and impressed the league week-after-week on the football field.

Thank you, Jordan Matthews.

Since coming into the league three years ago, you’ve been an extremely hard worker on and off the field. The effort and leadership you have consistently displayed as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles is something the team will certainly never forget.

Fans will remember how you never took a play off, how you never backed down from going over the middle, and how you never gave up on this football team.

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Fans will remember the third week of your rookie season, when your two touchdowns against the Washington Redskins helped lead us to a win against a division rival.

Fans will remember the hundreds of off-season snapchat stories, where you would spend almost every day grinding in the gym with the Life of Pablo blasting in the background.

Fans will remember the overtime game against the Dallas Cowboys, where you took a crossing route all the way to the house for a walk-off touchdown.

Fans will remember how you were the one who caught the first ever touchdown pass of Carson Wentz, marking the start of a new era for the Eagles.

The impact you had on this football team is very difficult to put into words. Whenever the offense struggled, you were one of the few consistent players who everyone could count on to make a play.

Many people often argued that you were put into an unfair position by the organization. You were asked to become the #1 wide receiver of a football team in just your second year in the league. But instead of complaining or trying to take pressure off of yourself, you welcomed the challenge, and developed into one of the best slot receivers in the NFL.

Despite having played with several quarterbacks in the NFL, you always seemed to be a favorite target of whoever was throwing you the football. Your ability to get open quickly and break tackles after the catch made you extremely fun to watch.

The Buffalo Bills are getting one of the most promising young receivers in football, and I’m sure they will quickly discover that if they already haven’t.

Your time in Philadelphia will be remembered through a positive light by Eagles fans. We had the opportunity to watch you develop as a player and as a person, and that is something we will never forget.

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So for the final time, thank you, Jordan Matthews.