Eagles News: Reactions To Eagles-Dolphins


A lot of disturbing things came out of the Eagles-Dolphins game.

But most of all may be the team’s lack of urgency.

Once again, the Eagles came out and played a sloppy, mistake-prone game, the typical marks of a poorly coached, bad football team.

And once again, you see very little fire or desperation among the players and coaching staff.

After the game, Chip Kelly was pounding his chest about the 88 plays his offense got in today (to which Ray Didinger of Comcast Sportsnet points out, generated only 17 points of offense for the day). Players were echoing the message of “we’re still in it.”

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No one in this organization seems at all bothered by the fact that they came out and choked away a critical game to mediocre football team in front of the home crowd.

While the Eagles are busy playing down to their opponents, the worst division in football continues to slip farther from their grasp.

The Eagles now find themselves in third place, with the Washington Redskins stepping up and overcoming the New Orleans Saints.

We’re halfway through November, and this team still has a sub-.500 record.

It’s time to accept that this is not a good football team, and the head coach has his fingerprints all over this disaster.

Thoughts From Eagles-Dolphins – GCobb.com

Chip Kelly has made some brutal in-game decisions throughout the year, and his calls cost the Eagles again on Sunday.

Late in the game, with the Eagles threatening with a red-zone possession, Kelly channeled his inner Andy Reid, and decided not to the run the ball on one of the league’s worst rushing defenses, and put the ball in the hands of turnover-prone Mark Sanchez who hadn’t seen any action since August.

Sure enough, the Sanchez found an open Miami Dolphin in the endzone, killing another scoring opportunity.

Kelly’s team also struggled on third downs throughout the day, going just 3-for-14 after the first quarter.

Why can’t this coach figure out how to get Darren Sproles involved in the passing game? Sproles has been MIA in the offense since the New York game.

And seriously, how many times is this team going to have touchdowns wiped out by illegal formations or illegal shifts? These are issues that the coach needs to be held accountable for not ironing out during the week in practice.

Things Turn Gloomy For Eagles – Philly.com

The Eagles finally avoided a slow start against the Miami Dolphins, however while they started fast, they finished painfully slow, generating just three points in the final three quarters.

The team turned in a sorry effort in a devastating loss to a bad football team on their home field.

The Eagles are running out of time to “fix” things. They’ve now slipped to third place in the division, and this is another loss that could really come back to haunt the team at the end of the year.

When you jump out to a 16-3 lead in the first quarter, good teams keep their feet on the gas pedal and put their opponents away. Bad teams let their opponents hang around, and often pay the price for it, as the Eagles did today.

O-Line Struggles Lead To Loss – Birds 24/7

The Eagles’ offensive line performed poorly during Sunday’s game, and contributed greatly to the team’s loss.

Pass protection and run blocking were poor all day. The Eagles’ running game was never able to get going, and Sam Bradford took a pounding until he was knocked out of the game.

Dennis Kelly in particular was exposed, and Chip Kelly never made any adjustments to give the backup tackle help.

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Jason Kelce also continues to have a poor season, picking up another holding penalty and fired another snap over the head of Sam Bradford.