Five Big-Picture Takeaways from Eagles Preseason Finale vs Jets

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5.) Chip Kelly’s Conservative Approach to the Preseason was a Success

Let’s face it. The 2015 preseason had a more anxious feel to it in most instances than other years prior. Given all of the injury storylines laced within the Eagles roster, every snap taken by a crucial player felt like a game of Russian Roulette. It seems as if this is the case every year, but more marquee players saw their season come to an end before taking a meaningful snap than before. Though some teams are equipped to roll with the proverbial punches, there are others whose seasons are already in jeopardy as a result of an injury.

There was some criticism directed towards Chip Kelly when he decided to take a cautious approach to working his starters into the preseason action. Sam Bradford did not play in the opener against the Colts, DeMarco Murray’s practice schedule was inconsistent, and Kiko Alonso’s long-winding journey toward his Eagles debut was a daily concern. Though this was frustrating to the fanbase and media, it’s clear that Kelly’s approach had a purpose. The Eagles will enter their 2015 regular season relatively unaffected by the injury bug that so often bites during this time of the year.

The Eagles did not escape scot-free. Promising rookie JaCorey Shepherd will miss 2015 with a torn ACL and Marcus Smith was unable to capitalize on his promising preseason opener after suffering a hamstring injury. I’m sure if one were to ask any Eagles fan before the preseason opener if they would sign up for that situation, he or she would be all for it. Going back to the commentary about how the Eagles practice, Kelly and his staff see considerable value in what takes place during that time. He was often adamant about not having concerns over players dealing with rust because of all the work they got during practice.

There is no way of guaranteeing the Eagles will continue to experience their good fortune in this regard. Sam Bradford’s knee could give out on the first snap of Monday Night Football and the season will likely take on a considerably different tone. That being said, the Eagles will enter their week one showdown with the Falcons with a team relatively close to full-strength and sporting fresh legs. That’s much more than a lot of teams can say. Their might not be a more important element that goes into a successful season, or the type of success the Kelly is pursuing, than health. The Eagles will be one of the few teams entering 2015 that won’t be starting from a deficit in that regard.

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