Five Big-Picture Takeaways from Eagles Preseason Finale vs Jets

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4.) The Nature of The Eagles Practice Approach Minimizes ‘Status’ Aspect of Selecting Players

As was shown throughout most of Marcus Smith’s rookie season, Chip Kelly could care less where a player is drafted or what type of accolades have been heaped upon him. With how much exposure he gets to everyone on the roster during the Eagles’ high-volume practices, Kelly provides himself and the coaching staff with as much tangible material to evaluate off of as possible. Because of this, less-heralded players are given the opportunity to impress and even supplant those more notable individuals.

Kelly often joked during the preseason about the team’s ‘depth chart’. He would constantly note that the team’s PR director, Derek Boyko, would construct the unofficial listing. Though preseason is a time to learn as much as possible about every player on the roster, Kelly and his coaching staff almost seem to value practice as far as deeming who is most fit to take the field. There will be some players, Marcus Smith and Jaylen Watkins to name a few, who could either make the squad out of necessity or see their tenure with the Eagles cut unexpectedly short for the simple fact that neither put enough quality play on tape.

The selection process of the final 53-man roster will likely be a fascinating one. Obviously the coaching staff has things they are looking for that go well beyond what fans have access to. It should come as no surprise if there are a handful of surprises, at least from the city’s perspective, on the final version of the 2015 Eagles roster. If there is something to take solace in, the coaching staff has considerable material to draw upon when making their final decision.