Sixers News: Joel Embiid Still Slated to Have Surgery


What’s the deal with the Sixers‘ big-man?

It’s been nearly one month since Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Joel Embiid would miss the 2015-16 season with what was a ‘career-threatening’ set-back on the recovery of his Navicular bone injury.

Many disliked the injury being referred to as a ‘set-back’ initially, because all indications were that Embiid wasn’t feeling injured, but that his injury just wasn’t showing the type of progress that the Sixers were hoping to see.

Of course, we later learned that Embiid actually re-broke the Navicular bone in his foot, which left some longing for the days where the injury was simply viewed as a ‘set-back’.

Even that second bit of news came 20 days ago, and since then all that we’ve gotten on Embiid is crickets.

Bob Cooney of the Philadelphia Daily News wrote yesterday that he had been shut out by all of his sources on what was going on with Embiid and his planned(?) surgery.

"SO WHAT IS going on with Joel Embiid and his impending surgery? For some reason, the 76ers aren’t telling.Numerous texts and phone calls to president and general manager Sam Hinkie and others in the organization by the Daily News have gotten no response as the time frame the team set for Embiid’s second surgery on his injured right foot has passed by nearly a month.Now the words from the organization are, well, nothing. Hinkie had said that Embiid had felt no pain before the CT scan in June that showed “less healing than anticipated.” Could it be that the player and his “camp” don’t want to get the surgery, and are in a battle with the Sixers? Could it be that he has had the surgery and no one wants to say so?"

Cooney wrote what a majority of the fanbase was beginning to speculate on–that Embiid and his ‘camp’ had decided that it wasn’t best for Embiid to have the surgery.

As fun of a speculative topic as that is, it doesn’t make sense. If Embiid and his ‘camp’ felt that they wanted their own separate opinion on Embiid’s health, that part makes sense. But assuming that he actually did re-break his Navicular bone, any doctor is going to tell him he needs to have another surgery.

Embiid himself may think that he can play because he isn’t in pain, but his ‘camp’ can’t have the Sixers say he’s hurt and have proof through X-rays that he’s hurt and advise him to play.

So today, Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer used his chat with fans to pour cold water on some of the conspiracy theories.

"Reader: Chance Sixers allow Embiid to play if he forego’s surgery????Pompey: No chance at all. As I said last week, the surgery was put on hold. He won’t play this season. I was told that there’s not a rush to have it because he won’t play again until the start of the 2016-17 season.Reader: Has there been any update on Joel Embid? Why is his status seemingly shrouded in secrecy?Pompey: I just think the Sixers aren’t as transparent as many of the fans think they are. I was told that he’s still having the surgery and will not play this upcoming season."

So those ideas can seemingly be put to rest. As for the Sixers’ handling of this injury, that will continue to be debated.

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If Embiid had the original surgery in June last year and missed an entire season, what do you mean there isn’t a rush? I understand part of sitting him out may have been cautionary — and depending on when he got hurt he could have played last year — but what is gained out of waiting?

Sure, Embiid won’t play until at least the 2016-17 season regardless of whether he had his surgery in July or has it in a month or two, but wouldn’t all parties be better served having him have the surgery, rehab it and try to move forward sooner rather than later?

I’ve all but closed the door on expecting anything from Embiid ever, but assuming the Sixers and Embiid’s camp haven’t done so, they should pick a surgeon and have the procedure done as soon as possible.

Update 9:20 p.m. 

Per John Gonzalez of CSN Philly, Embiid will have surgery ‘in the near future’ and Embiid is not ‘second guessing’ having a second surgery.

"Joel Embiid has not yet undergone a second surgery on his right foot, sources close to the situation told, however, that procedure is still scheduled to take place and Embiid is still expected to miss the upcoming 2015-16 season.When asked whether the surgery would occur in the next week to two weeks, once source would only say that it would happen “in the near future.” When asked whether Embiid was having second thoughts about the procedure, a second source said, no, he is not second-guessing it. A Sixers spokesperson could not be reached for comment."

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