Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp Observations

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Following training camps in today’s NFL feels much more like walking on egg shells than anything. With all the injuries that occur in both camp and the team’s exhibition schedule, making it to week one with minimal damage feels like an accomplishment as a fan. That being said, events like Sunday have a very unique feel to them. There may never be something quite as spectacular as Lehigh prior to the 2004 season. The presence of Terrell Owens incited a frenzy the Beatles would be proud of and served as a glorious appetizer to the best Eagles season in recent memory.

Chip Kelly has become a figure much like Owens. His persona is fascinating and his decisions are polarizing. In today’s publicized world, that is a recipe for coverage. Were it not for the team’s limited public practice schedule, one can only imagine the cumulative attendance for the offseason. Kelly prefers that not be the case, so it is not.

Sunday gave Eagles fans a pretty solid taste of what the Eagles are all about in 2015. Kelly and the organization are great to the fans only to the point where it is not detrimental. Jeffrey Lurie has always emphasized the organization giving back to the community and those, such as the military, who don’t garner the same recognition. The event was all class from the introduction of the armed forces to the players signing autographs after practice. What took place on the field may reveal very little of what to expect in 2015. It was still football and, to the untrained eye, the Eagles look like a team that could do some damage this season with a little luck.

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