Eagles News: Mychal Kendricks Gets Mistaken for Drake


The Eagles‘ Linebacker gets mistaken for a rap superstar and how it may pertain to Chip Kelly. 

Mychal Kendricks is entering a contract year, and though he’s viewed as one of the bright young pieces on the team by the fanbase, Chip Kelly and the Eagles’ front-office didn’t act as though they felt that way this off-season.

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The team jettisoned LeSean McCoy, acquiring inside linebacker Kiko Alonso in return. They re-did DeMeco Ryans‘ deal, adding an extra year to his contract to lower his cap-hit for 2015. And they spent a third-round pick on former Texas inside linebacker Jordan Hicks, one in which some felt they reached on.

Kelly may have simply been trying to build depth at a position that was greatly weakened by injuries a season ago, but his first off-season at the personnel helm didn’t exactly lead you to think that the team plans on extending Kendricks after the 2015 season.

From Kendricks’ perspective, there’s no reason to enter the season not feeling happy. He’s had an impressive first three seasons in the league, will get a chance to have a fourth with the Eagles, and if he can stay healthy and productive, he could get rewarded. If the Eagles don’t reward him, someone else probably will.

And Kendricks, just days before training camp starts, didn’t seem too worried when TMZ Sports caught up with him to discuss whether people mistake him for Drake.

Transcribed by Complex Sports, here’s what Kendricks had to say on the comparison to Drake.

"“Too many people,” said Kendricks, who was Rihanna’s #MCM once upon a time."

I see it a little, but even with Drake’s recent commitment to working out, he isn’t nearly as big as Kendricks is. (People were saying Kendricks looked like a buffer version of Chris Brown a few months ago, for what it’s worth.)

Kendricks, again via Complex Sports, also didn’t shy away from discussing the on-going beef between Drake and Philly’s Meek Mill.

"And after saying that Meek “runs Philly,” Kendricks admitted that he’s interested to see how things go the next time Drake is in the City of Brotherly Love.“I wonder how it’s gonna be if Drake tries to come and perform there,” he said."

I’m a huge rap fan, but Meek Mill does not run Philly. Drake, much to the chagrin of those who don’t like rap, is the most famous person from Toronto. If you walk up the street in “the 6” and poll them on who the most famous person from their town is, most people would respond with Drake’s name. If you did the same thing on the streets in Philadelphia, Meek would fall behind Will Smith, Kevin Hart, Bradley Cooper, Kobe Bryant, and unfortunately, Bill Cosby.

Dec 15, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks (95) celebrates a sack during the fourth quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at Mall of America Field at H.H.H. Metrodome. The Vikings defeated the Eagles 48-30. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Another interesting thing about this video is how Kendricks has seemingly become a star outside of football, even without really asking for it. Rihanna, as alluded to above, did post a #MCM (man-crush Monday) picture of him on Instagram last year, though it doesn’t appear to have led to anything between the two. And here he is again, this time being compared to Drake.

If Kendricks shows up to camp in great shape, performs well on game-day and remains somewhat of a celebrity, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that. But that’s where there is still some grey area with Chip Kelly and his ideal of “liking players who love football, not what football gets them.” Kendricks can be completely focused on football and be a d list celebrity at the same time. Frankly, the more that he succeeds on the field, he’s a good-looking guy that’s going to get attention.

I’m on board with Chip Kelly’s ideals behind building a great team culture, but if something like this makes him look down on Kendricks, that would be where I draw the line. (None if this it to suggest that I know Kelly thinks this way, it’s just an idea worth thinking about.)

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