Eagles Rumors: First Overall Pick in Play?


For some time now, every rumor and report involving the Eagles and their relentless pursuit of a draft spot high enough to draft Marcus Mariota has been attached to 2nd overall selection, owned by the Tennessee Titans. With Tennessee seemingly holding out for a overpayment and committed to taking Mariota if a deal can not be reached, the Eagles may be taking an even more aggressive approach in landing their franchise quarterback. According to multiple sources, there are still teams in pursuit of both the Titans pick, and the only other selection that would guarantee one of the top quarterbacks in the draft.

Mike Freeman of Bleacherreport.com did not get into the specifics as to who those teams might be. Mike Florio of Profootballtalk.com, however, put the pieces of the puzzle together.  

Florio did not definitively say that Philadelphia was in pursuit of the first overall pick. He did dissect what the scenario would mean and how it could leave the Titans in a position where they would not get the type of haul they were holding out for.

"If the Titans are driving too hard of a bargainfor the chance to get Marcus Mariota after the Buccaneers take Jameis Winston, the ideal Plan B could be to get Tampa to ditch its Plan A, offering a haul of players and picks in exchange for a 19-spot climb. It’s unclear what the Eagles would offer, or what the Bucs would want.  The Buccaneers could take quarterback Sam Bradford as part of the process, exchanging the many off-field questions surrounding Winston with a significant on-field question regarding Bradford’s twice-torn ACL. For Tampa Bay, a chance to back out of the top spot could be enticing, especially if the offer gives them multiple pieces that would allow coach Lovie Smith and G.M. Jason Licht to more quickly build an entire team that fits their vision for the franchise’s offense and defense.  It also gives the powers-that-be a way to avoid rolling the dice on Winston, especially if the Eagles make an offer than legitimately can be characterized as something the Bucs couldn’t refuse."

Despite seemingly pegging Jameis Winston as the top overall selection, Tampa Bay could have an ‘out’ to a position that would otherwise force them into hitching their wagon to a player whose character concerns may be more significant than they’ve been leading on. In this scenario, Tampa Bay would receive a major influx of talent to a roster that has had to purge away the harsh reminders of a free agent spending spree gone wrong. Depending on the package, the Bucs would most likely be landing a handful of young, cost-controlled talent to a team that probably sees itself as a contender in arguably the NFL’s weakest division.  At the end of the day, this almost seems more unlikely than a trade with Tennessee. That said, desperation can forge creative measures and Chip Kelly has already shown a flexibility and willingness to make drastic alterations in his short time as wielder of absolute personnel power. We’ll find out soon enough.  Update 6:30 p.m. Though one of his original sources denied the rumor, Ed Werder passes this along. It’s fair to assume the Eagles are one of the teams that have called, but that doesn’t really mean much. 

Update 6:40 p.m. Werder confirms the Eagles have inquired on the pick. Still, a very unlikely scenario that anything comes of this. 

Update 6:50 p.m.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, among others, says the Bucs aren’t going to move the first pick.


Multiple sources are confirming that the Eagles did, indeed, make a push to try and acquire the first overall pick from Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers have decided to hold onto the pick.

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