Morning Phil-Up: Mychal Kendricks to be Traded?


The Marcus Mariota speculation appears to be coming to an end.

Reports last night indicated that the Tennessee Titans are likely to select Mariota, and that the Eagles are currently working on an extension with Sam Bradford.

While such news could be disappointing to many who have envisioned Chip Kelly with his ideal quarterback, I think it would be in the best interest of the franchise to not forfeit a huge haul of picks. Mariota may be a good fit for this system, but he’s not the level of prospect that Andrew Luck was.

Which Eagles Could Be Traded During The Draft? – CSNPhilly

CSNPhilly took a look at some of the Eagles’ veterans who could be on the move over the weekend during the NFL Draft.

The Eagles have many candidates to be involved in trade’s, and given Chip Kelly’s lack of hesitance to trade away or rid himself of proven commodities, there’s more than a decent chance that a few more familiar faces will be shown the door.

A lot of people are convinced that Sam Bradford is going to be dealt, but I just don’t see it. The Eagles invested multiple draft picks, including a second-rounder, and Nick Foles to get Bradford here, that’s a high price to pay for a guy that the franchise would just turn around and flip.

The guy I think is most likely to become a former Eagle in the coming days in Mychal Kendricks. The writing has been on the wall for Kendricks ever since the team picked up Kiko Alonso and re-signed DeMeco Ryans. Chip Kelly isn’t a fan of Kendricks, which means its only a matter of time before he’s gone.

Could Eagles Choose Offensive Lineman At #20? –

If the Eagles choose to stay at their 20th pick, one area that they may decide to address is the offensive line.

Right guard remains unsettled, and key figures on the line have significant wear and tear on their bodies, and the Birds could really do themselves a favor and protect the investments they made at the running back position by beefing up their line talent.

Oregon’s Jake Fisher is an obvious target at that range, he’s played under Kelly before and would be able to step in right away and contribute.

Eagles Reportedly Shopping Marcus Smith – Section 215 

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According to several reports, the Eagles may be looking into moving last year’s top draft pick Marcus Smith.

Such news would not be a surprise in the least. Smith was in the doghouse all of last year, and with the team locking up Brandon Graham to a long-term deal it is very difficult to imagine a future for Smith as long as Graham and Connor Barwin are on the roster.

Kelly wants a roster filled with his guys, and if he doesn’t like what Smith brings to the table, it doesn’t make much sense to keep him around and have him take up a roster spot. It’s best for the team to try to cut their losses, and do what they can to move him now and get something in return for the disappointing first-rounder.

Cole Hamels’ Value Could Be Rising – Philly Voice

The Phillies may have gotten an additional suitor for Cole Hamels over the weekend.

The St. Louis Cardinals were dealt a major blow when they learned that ace Adam Wainwright went down with a torn Achilles and will be lost to the season.

This could create a need for a Cardinals later in the year if they are still in contention for one of the final Wild Card positions.

These are the kind of breaks that the Phillies need to have in order to create a stronger market for Cole. Teams are going to need to have injuries to their rotation, or they’re going to need to key guys to have terrible seasons.

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