Morning Phil-Up: Philadelphia Eagles Mock Draft Monday


Over the weekend,’s Mike Lacy wrote that landing (or not) landing Marcus Mariota may define Chip Kelly’s tenure with the Philadelphia Eagles. Later this week, we’ll know if Kelly and Ed Marynowitz were able to obtain Mariota.

With Mariota rumors and the Eagles’ plan in the NFL Draft set to dominate the week, I figured we would start this week off with a round-up of some of the best Eagles-related mock-drafts. NFL Mock Drafts

Our Somers Price has churned out some of the best NFL mock-draft related content over the past few weeks, and I’m not simply saying that because he works for this site.

First, he put together a full first-round mock-draft in which he had the Philadelphia Eagles selecting UConn Cornerback Byron Jones, to pair with the recently signed Byron Maxwell. In that mock, he also suggested that despite all signs pointing to the Titans over-thinking things and not taking Mariota, that Ken Wisenhunt and company would ultimately take Mariota.

Then, late-last week he released his Eagles-only mock-draft, in which he still had Jones ending up with the Eagles in the first-round. The most interesting part of his mock was that he had the team addressing the offensive-line and grabbing a pass-rusher before addressing the obvious need at wide receiver.

Mel Kiper: 2015 NFL Mock Draft 4.0

Kiper suggests that like last year, the Eagles will be able to find a Jordan Matthews-type talent at wideout without having to spend their first-round pick to do so. Instead, he suggests that the Eagles will take safety Landon Collins.

Though some have suggested that Collins’ coverage skills don’t warrant spending a first-round pick on, Kiper believe his sure-tackling and ability to lay the boom will fit well into Billy Davis’ defense.

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Todd McShay: 2015 NFL Mock Draft 4.0

As we passed along last week, McShay was adamant that the Eagles could still very well trade up for Marcus Mariota. He also lists Jaelen Strong as an option for the 20th pick, but ultimately sticks with Landon Collins as well.

McShay has made things rather suspenseful for Eagles’ fans this mock-draft season, having picked Collins in nearly all of his mocks, but that isn’t to say he wouldn’t be a good pick.

While acknowledging that he won’t be great in coverage, McShay thinks the Eagles will benefit from how well Collins plays the run and that him being a great athlete will allow him to at least be serviceable in coverage.

Walter Football: 2015 NFL Mock Draft

Though Mel Kiper and Todd McShay’s mock-drafts are the most popular, Walter Football may provide the best mix of draft profiles and mock-draft analysis in the business.

In their latest mock, it is suggested that Ken Wisenhunt will likely take Marcus Mariota with the second-pick, despite the fact that he isn’t a perfect system fit. As pointed out in the mock, Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid weren’t a match made in heaven originally, and that duo worked out quite well.

As for the Eagles, this mock predicts they will take USC wideout Nelson Agholor, but says they could also look at Byron Jones, or Arizona State receiver Jaelen Strong.

Los Angeles Times: NFL Beat Writer Mock Draft

If you missed this on Twitter Friday, Sam Farmer held a live mock-draft in which beat writers from each team made a pick for the team that they cover. John Glennon of the Tennessean suggests that the Titans could very well trade down, but being that the draft didn’t allow for trades, had the Titans take Leonard Williams with the second pick.

As I’ve written in the past, Mariota not being taken as the second-pick may be the best chance for the Eagles to trade up for the Oregon quarterback. The trade-up price, at least somewhat, would drop.

In this mock-draft, Mariota falls to the New York Jets at the sixth pick, which still feels unlikely to me. Even if he would fall that far, which I don’t think he will, my guess is that someone would be able to overwhelm the Jets with a trade to the point that they would move out of the spot.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer made the Eagles’ pick, and also had them selecting Byron Jones.

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