Four-for-Four: The Spring Cleaning Edition

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Sep 19, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman before the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Something that got considerable coverage when the Eagles hired head coach Chip Kelly last offseason was the fact that he was not married. Kelly’s apparent obsession with football, and any other number of factors, apparently took priority over any sort of courtship for a future Mrs. Chip Kelly. Mostly seen as an advantage, especially from the Eagles standpoint, Chip’s ability to devote his entire life to his craft was on full display during his first season on the sidelines.

A big part of Kelly’s first offseason as head coach was dedicated to putting together his first coaching staff, bringing in a substantial crop of free agents, and adjusting his scheme to the NFL level. Considering the results of Kelly’s first campaign calling the shots, there has been considerably less guess-work during this offseason and the head coach has more time to do…what it is a guy like him enjoys during free time.

Either in a desperate attempt to compile a lifetime’s worth of airline miles, or maybe to avoid the misery that has been this winter in Philadelphia, Chip Kelly’s pro day world tour makes you wonder if he has dopplegangers across the country serving as a proxy when he cannot attend one. In all seriousness, one has to commend the due diligence of the now 2nd year head coach as he heads into an increasingly important draft. While other coaches are probably spending time with their families and just now ratcheting up their offseason plan, Kelly has probably seen more prospects than any individual in the NFL (no exaggeration). Zach Berman, who covers the team for the Inquirer, had a particularly blunt, albeit comical take on Kelly’s cross-country voyage.

It is honestly difficult to imagine anyone loving a man who travels more than Taylor Swift on a concert tour. For this Eagles fan, however, I say keep it up Chip.


It’s no secret that Brandon Boykin is among the most physically gifted players on the Eagles roster. In fact, were it not for his 5’9″ frame, he’d probably be among the most prolific cornerbacks in the game and possibly on another team. Boykin fell to the Eagles in the 4th round after he suffered an injury during Senior Bowl practice. The pick has yielded arguably the team’s top playmaker on defense and a fixture in the locker room.

One of Boykin’s most impressive traits is his leaping ability. His ability to explode off the field at a moment’s notice usually makes up for his height, as Boykin has contended with the likes of Dez Bryant and others on one-on-one balls. This past weekend, Boykin participated in a charity basketball game at the Bob Carpenter Center on the University of Delaware campus.

Aside from the fact that he brought some sizzle to an event for a great cause, the Best Buddies of Delaware, Boykin showed that his world-class abilities translate to the hardwood extremely well.

I’m 6’4″…and I don’t think I can dunk. Humbling to say the least.


Recently re-signed center and possible coolest player on the team Jason Kelce is no stranger to mixing it up with his fellow man during the offseason.

Fresh off a shirtless ice-fishing, team-bonding trip to Montata

, Kelce was back donning the Eagle green, albeit in a much different capacity than when he is on the field. Courtesy of Twitter user


we caught a glimpse of the engine of the Eagles offense losing a few brain cells.

I’d like to think he finished first. Guys like that are too cool not to.