Four-for-Four: The Spring Cleaning Edition

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PHILLIES TWO ENDS OF THE SPECTRUM For all of the Phillies misery and woe regarding the last few seasons, it’s tough to say the team has given up TOO much by the way of prolific MLB talent when they were ravaging their farm system. Players like Kyle Drabek and Carlos Carrasco haven’t exactly turned into the top-end starters many expected when they were coming through the Phillies organization and, aside from the package sent to the Astros for Hunter Pence, Philadelphia has skated by relatively well as far as their moves not biting them in the rear-end. This past week, however, a few former Phillies arms saw both the harsh truth, and the promising potential that being a young player in the MLB brings along with it.

Vance Worley’s steady rise was far overshadowed by his plummet to the depths of the Minnesota Twins organization. Considering the Phillies got their starting CF Ben Revere in the deal, one has to think the Phillies got out from under the potential Worley blow-up just in the nick of time. On the other hand…

I watched this game. It was a treat to watch the Nationals baffled by Cosart’s assortment of plus pitching, but so much more painful given the current state of the Phillies staff. There aren’t too many bright spots within the organization, but the future of Jarred Cosart has to be toward the top of hte list. ROY HALLADAY: STILL THE BEST AT SOMETHING In case you didn’t know, now-retired pitcher Roy Halladay joined Twitter recently and the results have been beyond spectacular. Doc is going about his post-career life the way every former Cy Young winner should, like a boss. Between piloting planes, catching giant fish, and grilling an assortment of meats, Halladay is a must follow on the site and he provides the occasional smile for a fanbase who has not had much to grin about lately.

In typical Halladay fashion, perfection.


Tough to feel bad about the Phillies when it comes to anything regarding catcher Carlos Ruiz. The baseball glove company, Wilson, recently conducted interviews with several Phillies players to gauge their opinions of their mitts. Naturally, Chooch stole the show and shed even more light on why he takes such pride in his craft.

One cannot help but wonder how Ruiz’s wife and actual child feel about this. Who cares?