WATCH: Seahawks Staffer Gets in AJ Brown's Face on Sidelines

AJ Brown and a Seahawks staffer got into an altercation, but the media reaction has been very different compared to the Big Dom incident.
Nov 20, 2023; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver A.J. Brown (11) leaves
Nov 20, 2023; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver A.J. Brown (11) leaves / Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Phantom false start penalties. Offsides calls when the referees can't even correctly identify a player. Security personnel being banned from the sidelines.

Eagles fans are feeling like the NFL has it out for them this season, and we can add another reason after Monday's loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

A moment from Monday's game might have reminded you of a certain Big Dom incident.

Eagles News: AJ Brown Has Altercation With Seahawks Staff

This clip starts a little late (in a way that makes Brown look worse than he did when the full incident played out), but AJ Brown was getting into it with a Seahawks cornerback when this guy inserted himself into the fray and gave Brown a bump with his shoulder. Brown, understandably, didn't take that too well.

But curiously, after such a massive deal was made of an incredibly similar incident with Big Dom and Dre Greenlaw, there's been no wide outrage around this one. Nobody is calling for this Seahawks staffer to be banned from the sidelines.

I'm not going to make any claims of some big league-wide anti-Eagles conspiracy. But the Eagles have been dominant for the better part of two years, and they've done it in a way that people don't love — being standoffish with the media, and playing gritty, unapologetic football.

So naturally, they haven't made many friends. People want to see the Eagles fail. It's better for the league's bottom line if the Cowboys are at the top of NFC East.

So don't expect it to start feeling like the Eagles are getting fair and balanced treatment from the media, or even the league itself, any time soon.

That's just one more obstacle that Philly will overcome to make our Super Bowl win so much sweeter.

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