WATCH: Phillies Fan Running on Field Gets Jacked Up by Security Guard

Get the full scouting report on one of the biggest plays of the night.
A Phillies fan was completely destroyed by security at Citizen's Bank Park.
A Phillies fan was completely destroyed by security at Citizen's Bank Park. / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Citizen's Bank Park was rocking Tuesday night, as usual, but when a game gets out of hand you can usually notice the excitement level drops a bit. Thankfully, few things can get the crowd back into it as much as watching a security guard completely destroy a drunk idiot.

Check out the CBP security doing their damndest to get Phillies fans' blood pumping again:

Now how about a little scouting report on the action?

Drunk Fan

- Attitude: Shows a lot of excitement, love for his craft
- Endurance: Can't tell where he jumped on the field, but he had clearly already run a fair way and was still going

- In-Game Decision Making: It's pretty clear what's happening here. Most of the staff on the field isn't supposed to use any physical force, so they just funnel him right to the security guard. Like a sheep, the fan lets it happen
- Overall Decision Making: You really wanna risk getting yourself banned from the best park in baseball?
- Form: Once the security guy is bearing down, you've gotta do a better job bracing for impact. The arms come down, but the upright running form leads to a huge collision

Grade: D+

Security Guard

- Run fits: He's no Nakobe Dean, but the security guard clearly understands which gap the fan is being funneled into, and he fills the gap perfectly
- Hit power: The angle of contact isn't perfect, there's a slight half-step of hesitation before impact, but this guy's got enough power to make up for both of those things. You can't teach that kind of power
- Follow-through: After a hit like that it's easy to want to get up and start flexing. Good heady move to make sure the fan stays on the ground until help arrives

- Speed: Again we don't see where the security guard starts in this video, but it's clear the fan was on the field for a while. You'd like to see this hit happening maybe 30-40 yards sooner
- Approach angle: That hesitation I mentioned above led to some missed-tackle risk. The security guard ends up with his head and body behind the runner. At the next level, when a fan is maybe a former high-school athlete, will his hit power make up for the lapse in form?

Grade: B+

Video Recorder

- Footage: Great angle. Masterful zoom to get the other fans out of the picture. Held steady even while zooming, center the shot perfectly. No notes
- Commentary: You absolutely love when someone lets the action speak for itself. None of that "OH WOW LOOK AT THIS GUY" blaring in my ear making me need to take my headphones off. Just focused on the job at hand, and punctuates the hit with a perfectly timed "BOOM"

- Late start: It clearly took this guy a while to get his phone out and start recording. I mean sure, it's great that he wasn't just already on his phone at the ball-game, but when we're looking at on-field performance, there are no excuses

Grade: A

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