The Phillies Have A New On-Base Celebration

The Phillies must do whatever they can to put runners on base and get them home. Sometimes, it involves bringing off-field trends to the diamond.
Apr 10, 2024; St. Louis, Missouri, USA;  Philadelphia Phillies left fielder Brandon Marsh (16)
Apr 10, 2024; St. Louis, Missouri, USA; Philadelphia Phillies left fielder Brandon Marsh (16) / Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a slow start for the Philadelphia Phillies, a start some fans say they are familiar with. One fan I've spoken to says keep it at .500 through May, and then it's on. By that standard, they're doing just fine. They are 7-6 on the young year.

The Phillies' bats seemed to start a light rejuvenation on Thursday night against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Alec Bohm, Brandon Marsh, and Bryson Stott contributed home runs to help catapult the Phills to a much-needed home win. Five runs on seven hits is all it took.

The Phillies' goal is to continue scoring runs to support their pitching staff, which has been holding its own. But they will need help from the offense to give them run support to produce wins. Luckily, the Phillies have the perfect formula.

Special teams, special plays, special players.

Phillies Using Sketch Celebration To Boost Offense

What's up, brother?

Live streaming has taken over the internet. Whether doing a talk show, watching television, or playing video games, anyone can get famous by doing just about anything in front of a camera. The latest streamer to take the world by storm is someone named Sketch, who has made himself famous by playing the Madden video game.

He starts his streams the same way every time, and the Phillies have taken notice. When they reach base, they've started to use some part of Sketch's intro when signaling back to the dugout. Whether it's the pumping fists, finger to the sky, bird arms, or a combination, the Phillies have adopted yet another trend to bring onto the diamond.

I have to believe the Phillies' Daycare influenced this trend. There's no way some veterans are with the times like that. Regardless, the Phillies have a history of keeping things loose and hip. If they're having fun, they tend to play better. Let's hope this is a sign of that.

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