Skip Bayless Already Making Absurd Excuse for Cowboys

Meatball Cowboys fan Skip Bayless is already preparing excuses for the possible implosion in Dallas.
Nov 5, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA;  Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham (55)
Nov 5, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham (55) / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

There are three guarantees in this world we live in: death, taxes, and Skip Bayless obnoxiously supporting the Dallas Cowboys.

Luckily for the Philadelphia Eagles, until the Cowboys are able to somehow find their way to a Super Bowl win for the first time since 1993, over 30 years ago, they will always be able to hold that over their heads.

As Bayless' old counterpart Stephen A Smith always says, the Cowboys are "an accident waiting to happen. Just wait." Whether it's injuries, missed calls, or just shooting themselves in the foot, something always seems to happen that stops the "always contenders" Cowboys from getting the job done. It seems as if Bayless is preparing for doomsday a little early.

Bayless Brace for Cowboys Failure, Already Blames the Media

It feels a little early to already be making excuses, yeah?

This man screams at us every week about winning the Super Bowl and how this year is the year. Admittedly, the 'Boysx are playing some pretty good football as of late - their best of the year. That being said, the last time they lost a game was in Philadelphia against the birds four games ago, and it's also the last time the Boys played a team with a winning record.

Maybe it's a good thing for Bayless' mental health that he is already starting to acknowledge the impending doom. It's a valiant effort to blame social media and analysts for sending bad effort to the team. But the internet's record in picking against the Cowboys since basically its inception is undefeated.

Oddsmakers have the Cowboys favored in this one, which will make Bayless' (and their fans') tears all the sweeter when the Eagles pull off a Sunday Night Football win.

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