Shocking Eagles-Bill Belichick Report Emerges After Nick Sirianni Drama

The Philadelphia Eagles decided to stick with Nick Sirianni for another season but they were reportedly very close to going with Bill Belichick.
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The Philadelphia Eagles have their head coach and coordinators for next season but the drama surrounding them isn't going away anytime soon. The latest rumors only add more fuel to the fire.

As the Eagles' season spiraled downward in the second half of the season and was capped off with a first-round implosion against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the speculation and uncertainty surrounding head coach Nick Sirianni skyrocketed.

Even though Howie Roseman and Jeffrey Lurie eventually decided to keep Sirianni around for another season, they were "very interested" in replacing him with one of the greatest coaches of all-time.

NFL Rumors: Eagles Reached Out to Bill Belichick to Replace Sirianni

According to Greg Bedard of Boston Sports Journal, the Eagles reached out to Bill Belichick through the backchannels this winter with the hopes of hiring him "if things didn't work out with Nick Sirianni."

Well, things obviously didn't work out with Sirianni. So, why is Belichick not the Eagles head coach right now?

According to Bedard, it's because Sirianni was amenable to changes in his coaching staff. Roseman and Lurie wanted Sirianni to "fire certain people" and were willing to give him another season with new coordinators.

Now, the Eagles have Vic Fangio as their defensive coordinator and Kellen Moore as their offensive coordinator.

Not being willing to make these changes was the exact reason former head coach Doug Pederson lost his job four years ago. Will getting rid of the scapegoat coordinators be enough to save Sirianni's job going forward? Will the Eagles regret not bringing Belichick?

Fortunately for Philly, Belichick isn't going anywhere. He will likely be available if things go south with Sirianni again as there doesn't seem to be much interest for his services around the league.

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