Rumored Phillies City Connect Uniforms Leak, and They're Bad

City Connect uniforms are almost league-wide. The Phillies will reveal theirs on Friday. Let's hope this leak is not what we will see.
Mar 31, 2024; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Phillies designated hitter Kyle
Mar 31, 2024; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Phillies designated hitter Kyle / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies dropped two of three to start the season agains the Atlanta Braves. Bryce Harper is still hitless and may already be injured. But all these things may not even be the worst thing going on with the Phillies.

2024 will be the year Philadelphia and a few other franchises join the rest of the league by adding a City Connect uniform to their rotation. This campaign headed up by Nike and MLB is intended to bring focus to the history and involvement around the teams and the geographical places the teams play. But, we know it's more of a money grab than anything else.

The Phillies will officially show off their uniforms in an unveiling that will take place Friday. However, like most things in the age of new media we're in now, we may have a leak of the jersey that has popped up on the internet.

Atrocious Phillies Jersey Could Be A Leak Of Pending City Connect Design

Paul Lukas on Twitter obtained what might be a leak of what the Phillies' City Connect jerseys may look like. The body is mostly royal blue that fades into navy. There are bright yellow stripes on the cuffs. And "Philly" across the front in a very obscure font.

If we're lucky, this is an April Fools joke. Are Phillies fans really into this? The font on the front reminds me of Harry Potter and the colors remind me of anything but Philadelphia Phillies baseball.

These would be in contention for the worst of the City Connect lineup to be worn. And we've seen some real bad ones.

I'm a traditionalist myself. I like the home team wearing white and the road team wearing grey 90% of the time. A tasteful throwback or color blend here and there is just fine, if it makes sense. Surface level, these make no sense at all. Please, be a really mean joke.

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